Types Of Mediation

Mediation is used in resolving disputes and there are different types of mediation. There are different disputes which evolve from particular interest or issues, and there are different methods of handling each specific case. The parties involved in the disputes can decide which among the types of mediation to use in order to come at a peaceful resolution. Mediations are categorized based on the type of dispute and the kind of relationship the parties are involved. Some of the most common types of mediation include:

* Workplace Mediation.

* School Mediation

* Nonprofit Organizations Mediation

* Landlord / Tenant Mediation

* Interpersonal Mediation

* Mediation

* Environmental Mediation

* Discrimination Mediation

* Consumer Mediation

Work place mediation: This involved the settlement of disputes between workers in an organization. Disputes can arise as a result of several factors and it is the duty of the human resource department to ensure that disputes between workers are settled. Disputes may arise from clashes of personality or from misunderstandings on individual duties in the organization.

School Mediation:

These types of mediation are normally found in schools as it mainly concerns students. There are different that can lead to disputes in a school environment, and the school authorities are responsible for settling such disputes. The mediation may involve other parties, depending on the degree or level of dispute.

Non-profit organizations mediations

This may be within a non-profit organization or between two organizations. When the dispute is within the organization, an internal body is set up for mediations. But in the case of disputes arising from two different organizations, a third party that stands on a neutral ground takes care of the mediation process.

Landlord/tenant mediation

These types of mediation are very common and is usually undertaken to resolve rent cases. This dispute can be handled by a separate mediation body or by the court. In most cases, the dispute may be taken to court to be resolved.

Interpersonal mediation

These types of mediation are also very common and involve the settlement of interpersonal clashes between two or more parties.

Family mediation

This involves the settlement of disputes between individuals in a family. Clashes of interest can occur in the family and the usual way to settle these clashes if through mediation. These types of mediation are usually done by members of the extended family or the head of the family and they are not usually taken to court.

Environmental mediation

These types of mediation or usually undertaken to settle environmental issues and can involve two or more communities. Land disputes mediation, which is very common, fall under this category. A neutral third party is usually involved in this form of mediation.

Discrimination mediation

This is usually undertaken to settle disputes arising from racial, age, gender, and other forms of discrimination.

Consumer mediation

These types of mediation are undertaken to settle disputes between consumers and producers or manufacturers. Disputes may arise from the consumption of a particular product or from poor service rendered. There are external bodies set up to handle these disputes such as the consumer protection rights and other related bodies.