Types Of Marketing Degrees

Across the world, there are many types of marketing degrees available to students at every university and college and the course one applies for, must match with the goal targeted by the candidate.

The types of marketing degrees (Masters) available for students are Master in Business Administration , Master in Business Administration: Marketing, MBA in Business Administration – Marketing, Master in Business Administration: Management, MBA – self-Designed, Jack Welsh Executive Master of Business Administration, Master in Internet (Social Media) Marketing, Ken Blanchard Executive MBA, MBA in Marketing (with certificate), Executive Master of Business Administration (also known as EMBA) – General Program, Masters in Organizational Leadership, Master in Entertainment Business, and Master in management: Marketing Management Concentration, while the types of marketing degrees (Bachelors) include Bachelor in Business Administration: Management, Bachelor – Marketing: International Marketing, Bachelors in Public Management, Bachelors in Advertising, Bachelors in Organizational Leadership, Bachelor – Marketing: Sales Marketing, Bachelor in Sports Marketing and Media, Bachelors in Music Business, Bachelor – (Social Media) eMarketing, Bachelor in Organizational Management: Marketing, Bachelor in Business Administration: Business Management, Bachelors in social Entrepreneurship, Bachelor in Public Relations and Marketing, Bachelor in Business management and Bachelor in Business Administration: Marketing.

Certificate programs are also available to candidates who wish to acquire a decent, steady career in the field of marketing. The certificate programs are listed as under:

1) Executive Graduate Certificate in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing

2) MISO – Psychological Operations: Marketing and Human Behavior Certificate

3) Graduate Marketing Certificate

4) Executive Graduate Certificate in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management

5) Jack Welsh Undergraduate Certificate – Becoming a Leader

Associate in Marketing, Associate in Business Administration: Customer service, Associate – Accounting, Associate – Foundations of Business, Business Administration: Sales and Associate in Business Administration are Associate programs are those types of marketing degrees which are equivalent to higher diplomas, and are easily available to students.

1) Doctoral degrees available at Universities include:

2) Doctor – Management: Organizational Leadership

3) Doctor – Business Administration: Marketing

4) Doctorate in Marketing

5) Ph.D. in Management

6) Doctor – Business Administration: Leadership

7) Doctorate – General Business Management

Many types of marketing degrees include online degrees which are affiliated with top-most universities of the world such as Yale, Stanford University Online, Middlesex University London, American Sentinel University and Columbia University (New York). But be sure of the institution’s popularity and do thorough research before registering online in a University.

Online courses are those types of marketing degrees which can be both easy and difficult at the same time. Many times, one’s time management comes to a wreck due to many unexpected errands and at times emergencies, which tends to pile up the pressure of studying online. It’s not a rare problem for students and adult alike to lose their momentum and focus while studying. So my suggestion to those people who opt to register for online courses; take regular breaks and stay curious to the subject being studied. A curious mind motivates effectually in understanding theories and submitting various assignments and tasks with an alert, brilliant and a fresh mind.