Types Of Marketing

For any business to be successful, marketing and advertisement is key.

You cannot simply open up a company and expect people to show up without them knowing about it.

Regardless of whether you are offering services, products or something else, you need to make people aware of your existence and this is where marketing comes in. You need to market yourself, by employing any of the many types of marketing that are known to all, because without any sort of marketing it is highly unlikely that you’d get any customers and without customers you have no hope of succeeding in the highly competitive world of today.

One of the many types of marketing is brand marketing.

This form of marketing puts stress on the brand name itself and so, basically, anything that you do or portray (whether in advertisements or your product) needs to be reflective of your brand name. Your products and services need to define you because you want people to be aware of what it is that you are attracting them to. Your audience needs to be able to relate to whatever it is that you are showing them and if you want them to buy anything from you or to even talk about your brand, you need to work on creating an impression upon them and that can be done via brand marketing.

Another of the various types of marketing is where you focus upon a certain segment of the market. A company may want to, for example, sell high end products to certain kinds of people exclusively and it is likely that the price of the product would be determined according to the segment that the company is trying to attract. This is known as niche marketing- targeting a certain niche of the market.

Then, you’ve got mass marketing which is the opposite of niche marketing.

These types of marketing strategies are used to target everyone rather than targeting a certain segment of the market you target the entire market. The prices of the product are such that anyone in the market could afford them and the products are not exclusive to anyone. Both, mass and niche marketing are great ways to make profits.

Nowadays a lot of stress is laid upon social media.

People around the world have accounts on these websites- celebrities, politicians, students, adults, aged people, men and women- and so, using social media for marketing would be a great idea. This is known as social media marketing and has been very beneficial for people across the globe- people are made aware of a company’s purpose, products, goals and services because of their online accounts.

When it comes to deciding which one of the different types of marketing you should go for, that depends on your goals. If you want to attract people to your brand, you’re going to opt for brand marketing but if you want to make a profit you could either go for mass marketing or niche marketing. At the end of the day both types of marketing strategies are meant to do one thing- attract people to you so that you can get profits and expand while they get the items and products they want and need.