Types Of Marine Plants

Marine plants are those plants that are able to grow near the surface of salt water or ice and there are many types of marine plants. Since the sun hits the relatively shallower parts of the sea/river/ocean, various types of marine plants grow here and usually these plants attract fish near the shore too because of which it is easy to fish near the shore than it is to fish elsewhere. Sometimes fishers even take marine plants with them to attract fish towards the deeper side of the waters. Different types of fish eat different types of marine plants but unfortunately coastal power plants are destroying marine plants today.

The most common of all types of marine plants is seaweed which is edible- not only fish eat it but human beings can eat it too. Seaweed is high in protein, low in fats and most of the proteins that are present in it can be digested by the body. In some countries these types of marine plants are covered with cheese or used in salads and other types of foods to add taste to the food. They also help keep you full and are high in calcium. China is the largest consumer of these types of marine plants. The problem with seaweed is that if someone or something were to fall or set foot in a patch of seaweed it would be difficult to get out.

Seagrass is another one of the various types of marine plants but they cannot be seen too easily. The reproduce by seed and if you cut through them you will see vessels inside them. They are the same as normal grass except, as the name suggests, they grow under water and are eaten by various types of fish and they have vessels inside them that carry healthy and fibrous nutrients which is why different types of fish are attracted to these types of marine life. They are good and nutritious for fish and attract a lot of fish to the sure.

Phytoplanktons are those types of marine plants that you can see near the surface. These attract fish to the shore typically and make it easier to capture them. Most fish feed on these types of marine plants- whales, small fish and fishes such as dolphins do too. These types of marine plants are at the lower base of the food chain for fish. These types of marine plants grow near the surface primarily because of the fact that the sun hits the sand/mud near the shore and due to this it is easy to find phytoplanktons towards the shallower sides of the sea/river/ocean.

The various types of marine plants are usually eaten by herbivores. Other types of fish may feed on them and on smaller fishes as well and these types of fish are known as omnivores. Apart from the various types of marine plants you can also find algae in the waters. These are able to produce their own food via photosynthesis and grow like plants do.