Types Of Fish

What are the different types of fish? Fishes are cold blooded animals that live in the sea. There are hundreds to thousands of different species of fishes today. 500 years ago, fishes are known to be jawless. But with time and evolution, there have been many changes that happened to them.

There are aquarium types of fish. These are the fishes that you can take home. These are the fishes that you can take care of. There are three main aquarium types of fish – freshwater, marine, and brackish aquarium fishes. The freshwater types of fish are those that you can see from rivers, lakes and other forms freshwaters. These are the fishes that are easiest to take care of. All they need are basically a minimum salinity level and food – and they will survive. Of course, also make sure that you clean their tank every so often. The most common examples of these types of fish are the fighting fish, the koi carp, hatchet fish, and the clown loach among others.

Marine aquarium fishes are types of fish that you can normally see in the sea. Compared to the freshwater fishes, these types of fish need more care and meticulousness. This is because they need certain water pH levels, temperature, and alkalinity. If these requirements are not met, then your fishes are most likely going to die. The most common examples of marine aquarium fishes are trigger fish, gramma fish, ribbon eel, seahorse, and many others. The brackish fishes are those that only need water with a temperature of 25 degrees to survive. These are types of fish are able to tolerate different alkalinity and salinity levels efficiently. The most common examples of brackish fish are the mudskipper, ghost goby, American flag fish, and many more.

Aside from the aquarium fishes, there are also food fishes. These are the types of fish that we eat. These fishes are the richest omega 3 sources. They help lower down blood pressure, leading to great maintenance of heart rates. These fishes are known to have low levels of calories and fats, as well. They are known to provide proteins, too. In other words, these are the fishes that will help make us healthy. Some examples of these are the snapper fish, bass, dory, Cray fish, wolf fish, monk fish, mullet, scallop, and many, many more.

If there are migratory birds, there are migrating fish. As the name implies, these are the types of fish that migrate for different reasons. Some of the reasons why these fishes migrate are food and reproduction. Given that the earth is mostly water, these fishes are able to travel thousands of kilometers when they migrate. Some migrating fishes migrate from saline water to freshwater sources. There are also some fishes that migrate from the freshwaters to the saline waters. When they want to reproduce, then they go back to where they came from. The most common examples of migrating fishes are dolphins, tuna, salmon, sail fish, bull sharks, trout, char, capelin fishes, and many others.