Types Of Knots

If you are a sailor or someone whose activities revolve sailing, then you definitely need to know how to make and use different types of knots. You are one person who must realize the significance of ropes while undertaking your various activities since it is vital in controlling the sails, in mooring, docking as well as anchoring. It is also advantageous to know these varied types of knots, master them properly and be able to execute them when the need arises. Different knots are used in different occasions and every knot is specifically intended to be used in a particular situation. Here are some of the various types of knots used for sailing;

Heaving line knot; this is a kind of knot that has a heavy part on its end. It is used for heaving in other words throwing a piece of rope from one point to get to the other intended point. For example, it can be used to transport a rope from one boat to the other.

Clove hitch knot; this is the most common type of knot since it is used as a standard for making other knots used in sailing. It is one of the most utilized types of knots used in sailing but one should bear in mind that it is not the safest knot to use especially when you require when knotting a bind thus should be cautious.

Bowline; these are important types of knots that should first be mastered well before put in use. It is appropriate for sailing since it can be used for multiple applications. The other good thing with bowline knot is that it is easy, fast and great to use when putting sheets together into a clew of the jib.

Figure eight loop; it derived its name from the manner it looks. It is normally used for carrying particulars that are light and medium in weight. It is suitable for climbing and offers an ideal safety when using it. However, it might be difficult to unknot especially to those who are not familiar with it.

Rolling hitch; these are all-around types of knots used in connecting rods to the rope. It utilizes friction which is projected for moving laterally. The moment you will gain knowledge of to sailing, you will be able to make use of this rolling hitch knot to regulate a stopper to clear the anxiety in a block or a crowded pulley.

Thumb knot; this is the easiest knot of all sorts of knots. The intention for making a thumb knot is basically to use it as a stopper at the end of every rope to prevent it from running up the block or to prevent it from running up to the direction of the mast. It is hard to slacken off thus suitable in lines that are not re-fixed more often.

Square knots; this is a knot that is basically made from combining two overhand or thumb knots. It is not very popular amongst many sailors but it is also simple to make and use. It is usually used in fastening covers of sails.