Types Of Houses To Build

Whether you are getting a house for yourself or your loved ones, getting to know the types of houses to build is great. You see, not a lot of people know that they have many types of houses to build to choose from. There are many styles and designs that they can want to have and see in the house that they will build too. This being said, it is a good idea that you get to know the different kinds of types of houses to build so that you will be able to choose the ones that you will really love to live in.

The most common types of houses to build are the Cape Cod types. Most of these types of houses to build are two storeys high. At the front you will get to see five bays but at the side they have eaves that are only a storey high. The early Cape Cod houses are equipped with chimneys. The roods are pitched either moderately or low too. Most of the time, these houses are made out of wood. But with the many innovations in the building world, there have been many different kinds of materials that are made available to us.

The classic cottage types of houses to build are very much loved by many too. These look similar to the Cape Cod types but have eaves that are higher in the front. Shallow roofs are often seen in these house types as well as the main entry can be located centrally.

The colonial types of houses to build are the ones that are mostly made out of bricks and concrete. They are known to have a central main entry too and have a symmetrical look. Columns are also often seen in these types of houses to build. Most of these colonial houses are known to have two bedrooms but there are others that have more.

The shotgun types of houses to build are the ones that are called studio units. This is because these houses are normally small and are only as wide as one room. They are known to be made to have one storey as well. You see, these types of houses to build were introduced because of the lack of available space. They are called shotgun because the front door and the back are basically aligned.

The saltbox houses are varieties of the colonial houses. The main difference about the saltbox houses is that they are built with an extra storey or room at the back area. The roof is made to be slightly sloped too. The name saltbox is used as they look like salt containers of the 18th century. However, in the southern area of the United States, saltbox houses are also known as Cat’s Slide houses as they denote just that.

Choosing the look and feel of the houses that you will live in is very important. You see, there are many different kinds of houses that you can choose from, just make sure that you will be able to easily afford them and not lose them in the long run.