Types Of Houses

What are the different types of houses? We love our homes. This is where we build memories. This is where we grow our families. This is why the house is our comfort zone, too. Here we are able to do whatever we want without worrying that the world will not like it. This is why choosing our home is important. This is why we should make sure that the houses we live in are the most comfortable for us. There are many types of houses that we can choose from. There are 8 common types of houses. These types are the bungalow, single detached, duplex, row house, colonial house, farm house, villa, and mansion.

The bungalow is among the most common types of houses around. This is characterized by a single floor or story. These come normally in square footage that is small. But these days, there are more and more bungalows that are huge. These types of houses do not normally come with a basement, as they are designed to be affordable and reasonably priced.

The single detached houses are those that can stand on their own – they are not attached to any other structures. A bungalow can be single detached houses, too. Another common characteristic of the single detached is that there is open land surrounding it.

Duplexes are types of houses that come in twos. These are usually two fold apartments as they can be condominiums as well. These two houses, however, are not connected with each other inside. The duplex can be a single story house or higher. If the duplex is connected to more than one other house, then it will be called three-plex (3 houses), four-plex (4 houses), and so on.

Row houses are houses that are in the same design, area, and appearance. They are attached side by side. Basically, the row houses are like duplexes that are uniform. They can stretch up to a whole block and share a wall commonly.

Colonial houses are types of houses that are inspired by the colonial period. There are many different colonial types of houses. There are Spanish Colonial, French Colonial, Dutch Colonial, German Colonial, and many others. The colonial period is somewhere between the 16th to 19th century.

The Farm houses are types of houses that are farm inspired. These are houses that can be found in farms or farm lands. These are houses that are not that beautiful. However, they are known to be very function specific.

The Villa is an upper class country house. These are houses that are tasteful, elegant and sophisticated. These are usually seen in upper class places. These are homes that are deemed to be the home of home of the elite. There are no certain limits of the story of these houses as some may be bungalows, too.

Lastly, we have the mansion types of houses. As we may all know, mansions are the biggest types of houses. Legally, the real estate people call a house a mansion when it is at the least 8000 square feet big.