Types Of Cars Names

Types of cars names differ from one company to another. There are also differentiated according to specifications. Cars fall under five different categories – subcompact, compact, mid-size, full-size and sports car. Every company follows a simple procedure of naming the car. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to the car names of various car manufacturing companies based on their category.

1.    Types of cars names for Dodge company

Compact – Dodge Dart

Mid-size – Dodge avenger
Full-size – Dodge Charger
Sports car – Dodge Challenger

2.    Car names for Chrysler car company

Mid-size – Chrysler 200
Full-size – Chrysler 300

3.    Car names for Ford Motor Company

Subcompact – Ford Fiesta
Compact – Ford focus
Mid-size – Ford fusion
Full-size – Ford Taurus
Sports car – Ford Mustang

4.    Types of cars names for Lincoln company

Mid-size – Lincoln MKZ
Full-size – Lincoln MKS

5.    Car names for Chevrolet company

Subcompact – Chevy Spark, Chevy sonic
Compact – Chevy Cruze, Chevy Volt
Mid-size – Chevy Malibu
Full-size – Chevy Impala
Sports car – Chevy Camaro

6.    Car names for Buick car company

Compact – Buick Verano
Mid-size – Buick Regal, Buick LaCrosse
Full-size – Buick Lucerne

7.    Types of car names for Cadillac company

Compact – Cadillac ATS
Mid-size – Cadillac CTS
Full-size – Cadillac XTS

8.    Car names for Honda car manufacturing company

Subcompact – Honda fit
Compact – Honda Civic
Mid-size – Honda accord
Full-size – Honda accord, Honda crosstour
Sports car – Honda CR-Z

9.    Car names for Acura car manufacturing company

Compact – Acura TSX
Mid-size – Acura TL
Full-size – Acura RL

10.    Car names for Hyundai-Kia automotive group

Subcompact – Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Veloster, Kia Rio
Compact – Hyundai Elantra, Kia Forte
Mid-size – Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima
Full-size – Hyundai Genesis, Hyundai Equus, Kia Cadenza

11.    Car names for Mazda car company

Subcompact – Mazda2
Compact – Mazda3
Mid-size – Mazda6
Sports car – Mazda Miata

12.    Car names for Mitsubishi car company

Compact – Mitsubishi Lancer
Mid-size – Mitsubishi Galant

13.    car names for Nissan car company

Subcompact – Nissan Versa
Compact – Nissan Sentra
Mid-size – Nissan Altima
Full-size – Nissan Maxima
Sports car – Nissan Z

14.    Types of car names for Infiniti car manufacturing company

Mid-size – Infiniti G, Infinity M

15.    Car names for Subaru car manufacturing company

Compact – Subaru Impreza
Mid-size – Subaru Legacy

16.    Car names for Suzuki car manufacturing company

Compact – Suzuki SX4
Mid-size – Suzuki Kizashi

17.    Car names for Toyota car manufacturing company

Subcompact – Toyota Yaris
Compact – Toyota Corolla, Toyota matrix
Mid-size – Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius
Full-size – Toyota Avalon

18.    Car names for Scion car manufacturing company

Subcompact – Scion IQ, Scion xD
Compact – Scion tC

19.    Car names for Lexus car manufacturing company

Compact – Lexus IS, Lexus HS
Mid-size – Lexus ES, Lexus GS
Full-size – Lexus LS

20.    Car names for BMW car manufacturing company

Subcompact – Mini Cooper
Compact – BMW 1-series, BMW 3-series
Mid-size – BMW 5-series
Full-size – BMW 7-series
Sports car – BMW M-series, BMW Z-series

21.    Car names for Daimler AG car manufacturing company

Subcompact – Smart Fortwo
Compact – Mercedes-Benz C class
Mid-size – Mercedes-Benz E class
Full-size – Mercedes-Benz S class