Types Of Houses In Other Countries

If you travel around the globe, you will get to see the types of houses in other countries. You see, there are basic house styles that you can see around the world. But if you get to see the traditional types of houses in other countries, you will surely be able to appreciate taking a peek at their culture and heritage. Indeed, just being able to know and see these types of houses in other countries will give you a glimpse of the country and their history.

Types of houses in other countries: Ondol of Korea. These are the houses that have heating systems on their floors. You see in the Korean peninsula, winter is harsh. They are severe and it is direly needed by the people to have a heating system in their home. These homes basically bring the heat that their stove produces to a certain pathway that leads to the floor of the house. These houses have small doors and windows too to make sure that the cold air will not easily be able to come in.

Types of houses in other countries: Gel of Mongolia. These are the houses that can be moved and transferred. Domestic animals eat grass. There will be times when they will finish the grass in the area where they are. When this happens, the animals will move to another place. This is when the Mongolians move their homes as well to be able to take care of their domestic animals still.

Types of houses in other countries: Stone Houses of China. In Guizhou, China limestones are very abundant. This is because there are many caves there that have lots and lots of lime stones. This being said, the people made use of these stones and built houses from them.

Types of houses in other countries: Tree Houses of the Philippines. In the forest areas of the Philippine southern island Mindanao there are many people who have built tree houses. This is because they have an awesome view of the things around them. This includes wild animals that they can cook and eat, enemies, and poisonous snakes too.

Types of houses in other countries: Water Houses of Malaysia. Saba is a place in Malaysia where a lot of fishermen reside. To make sure that they are able to be on the water as much as possible, they have built their homes on stilts on the water. They use the wood from mangrove trees which are known to be strong and durable in the water.

Types of houses in other countries: Sun Dried Houses of Morocco. The temperature in Morocco can drastically change in a day. To be able to cope up with this change, the people have made houses by using bricks and clay soil. They mold these bricks and let the sun dry them. Given that these bricks are quite thick, they can rest assured that even in the hottest days they are protected. They can also rest assured that the bricks will protect them during the cold nights.