Types Of Houses In Japan

All over the world, the types of houses in Japan are famous. You see each of the countries in the world have their own architecture types to be proud up. Well, the types of houses in Japan are known to be one that many people are getting curious about. Read on and get to know these types of houses in Japan and see for yourself why they have been making waves in the architecture world.

If you go to Japan, you will get to see quite a number of danchi. Danchi pertains to the types of houses in Japan that are built as small buildings. They are basically clusters of apartments that are made at a certain way. They are built in a certain style and based on a design traditional to Japan. Most of these types of houses in Japan are built by the government and are found in the suburban areas of Japan.

The traditional types of houses in Japan are not like others that are seen around the world. The rooms that they have are built not for a specific use. This being said, any room of the house can be a dining area, bedroom, or even a living room. These types of houses in Japan all have an oshiire, though. The oshiire is an essential part of all types of houses in Japan. They are large closets where the Japanese people place their things. These traditional types of houses in Japan have adjustable room sizes too. The walls are adjustable as the house is just partitioned. These partitions are commonly made out of paper that has wood frames. The doors that are found indoors are made of the same material too. When large gatherings will be held at these traditional types of houses in Japan, these partitions are taken out and the house will have one big room where people can gather.

The modern houses of Japan are like the modern houses around the world. In advertisements, they are listed basing on the number of bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens that they have. However, these modern houses are also known to have adjustable walls and rooms too. They also have the oshiire and removable sliding doors as well.

The genkan is one very important part of all kinds of Japanese houses. Genkan pertains to the entry way of the house. This is like a receiving area of Japanese houses. This is where people take out their shoes. They will then leave their shoes at a shelf found in the genkan – and make sure that the tips are pointed towards the outside of the house. Given that this is where you will take out your shoes this will also be the place where you can find the slippers that you can use when you enter the houses.

There are many kinds of architectural wonders in Japan, much like you can see around the world. But if you look at them closely, you will get to see distinct characteristics that you will surely be able to appreciate as they are Japanese authentic.