Types Of Houses Designs

When it comes to designing houses various types of people like to go for different types of houses designs that suits them, their tastes, needs and wants. In some cases a person may be buying a house for himself while others he may be getting it for his spouse or in still other cases he may have a family kids and/or parents. Also every type of design is suitable for different types of people. One of the various types of houses designs is the bungalow.

These designs are quite cozy and comfortable. They were and still are very popular. They provided a great alternative to the Victorian style houses. They were much cheaper than such houses and they usually had a semi open front porch that was supported by tall columns. These types of houses designs come with furniture and in-built cabinets often and are still bought by many people. Colonials are another of the various types of houses designs which consists of various European housing styles put together. These are inclusive of the French, Dutch, Spanish and English housing styles as well.

Farmhouses are another of the various types of houses designs where the house is either built on a farm or the same type of designs are used to make the house. These can be found in many countries today. Not all farmhouses come with a farm necessarily. They may simply imitate their style. A mansion is one of the more luxurious types of houses designs. The mansions are huge and have several rooms and usually come with high ceilings as well. They also have stairs and big kitchens too. These houses are usually detached from other houses too and are quite expensive. Nowadays the wealthier people and most celebrities have mansions. Then you’ve got the snout-house and these types of houses are built with the garage being near the street.

A ranch is another one of the several types of houses designs. These usually are one-story houses and come with a garage. In some cases they may even be built on top of a basement. An octagonal house is a house with the symmetry being similar to the shape of the octagon and it was quite popular in the early 1900s.

Maisonettes are apartments but if you look at a normal apartment they cover over on story whereas maisonettes cover 2 stores of the apartment building and come typically with internal staircases as well. Even hotels use this housing design where penthouses are concerned.

Various houses designs have been seen over the years and today most of the houses you would come across are either influenced by the architecture, design and style of those houses or people now live in the older house with Victorian or Georgian designs. The more modern forms include maisonettes and such like. None of the designs have ceased to exist because you will still come across houses with designs that are similar to the designs of those houses that were made in the past.