Types Of Genres Of Movies

Whether you are a movie buff or not, knowing the many types of genres of movies can help you choose the movies that you will watch. You see, there are quite a number of types of genres of movies. Each of these genres has different characteristics and hence, each of these can match the movie preferences of any person. So, let’s discuss the many types of genres of movies.

Probably the most watched types of genres of movies will be action. Action movies are basically movies that will show you clashes of physical powers. Most of the time, these are the types of genres of movies that will show you the use of guns and other weapons. They can show you action moves too such as karate and boxing. If you want to watch a movie with lots of, well, action – then watch action movies. The most famous movies under these types of genres of movies include Speed, Lethal Weapon, Air Force One, and 48 Hours among others.

Adventure types of genres of movies are those that show the story the journey of the main character. Most of the time adventure movies will show the struggle of the main character to accomplish to a certain goal. Famous movies under the adventure genre include Apollo 13, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Rain Man, and Water World among others.

Comedy types of genres of movies are those movies that have the goal of making people laugh and happy. This being said, there are many people who love watching comedy movies. Life is already hard and being able to laugh will mean a lot to many people and this is why they love comedy movies. The most famous comedy movies include The Spy Who Shagged Me, Bowfinger, Analyze This, and Nine to Five among others.

Crime types of genres of movies are movies that show stories that revolve around criminals and solving crimes. There are times that crimes are interchangeable with action movies as most crime movies are also full of action. Famous crime movies include Basic Instinct, Pulp Fiction, and The Untouchable among others.

Fantasy movies are types of genres of movies that will bring you to a new, imaginary world. These are the kinds of movies that will make you enjoy having a wild imagination and show you many things that will not exist or happen in the real world. Famous fantasy movies include Alice in Wonderland, Ghostbusters, Toy Story, and many more.

Horror movies, on the other hand, are movies that have the intention of showing the scariest scenarios and have the goal of scaring you. There are times when horror movies show different kinds of monsters or creatures. However, all these different creatures and monsters are shown as scary ones that most probably want to eat or kill the main characters of the movie. Famous examples of horror movies include Psycho, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Blair Witch Project, and many more.