Types Of Genres

There are many different types of genres. Actually, genre is a visualized word which means different types of music, actions, books etc. Ancient Greek literature started using a supreme categorization system which is called as genres these days. Each verse, writing style and presentation has a particular format related to the actual concept of the story. After few time spans, the types of genres get propagated and urbanized in order to implement changes in spectators and producers. Genre became a vibrant and energetic tool for helping people in making sense out of erratic art. It was the necessity of time to produce one such tool that can compare, measure, evaluate and test the different pieces of art. No matter what kind of art it is, genre always helps in testing it.

The various types of genres undergo the same troubles of any categorization system. The different types of genres are helpful as far as it is memorized that it is none other than a supportive tool. The types of genres need to be reconsidered and examined. These are helpful in weighing the works on their sole value. It is helpful in checking the place of works within the range of different types of genres. It is found that various types of genres reverberate with community because of the acquaintances, the petite statements and the affinity of genres to move with civilization. However, the storytelling genre has been downgraded as less important type of art. The main reason behind this situation is that the rented nature of meetings and admiration has grown up. Proponents argue is an excellent piece of genre.

The common types of genres are listed below. These are the novel genres that involve mystery, romance, fantasy, adventure, drama, and suspense.


This is the optimum art piece among the all other types of genres. In this type of genre, it is necessary to illustrate the hints and introduce the wary roles. Along with this, it is necessary to follow general settings and ending of each chapter should be kept suspenseful. At the end it is necessary to solve the mystery by involving the detectives.


This is one among the most favored types of genres. In this type, it is crucial to involve love into the storyline. The book should be small and consisting of friendly characters. The ending must be happy. The common part like obstacles coming on the path of boy while reaching at the girl should be introduced.


It is also called as Sci-fi. All characters in this genre are fictional. It is necessary to present the different world. It is essential to make proper use of the magic, advanced technology, eye-catching illusions, hero, and eccentric animals.


In this type of genre, comprehensive characters are used throughout the novel. A strong emotional bond gets created between the real character and reader.


As compared to the other types of genres, adventure genre consists of large amount of action and drama. This type of genre usually involves traveling and realistic settings. A vast usage of drama and action is expected in such genres.


This type whets reader’s appetite for more. These are usually consisting of mystery and suspense. These are always played in fast nature.