Types Of Genres For Movies

Knowing the types of genres for movies can help anyone come up with a great one. You see, there are many different people who are willing to try film making but are clueless on how they are going to start one. To be able to make a good movie, it is vital that you understand each of the types of genres for movies so that you can make one that will suit your needs, wants and movie preferences all in one.

Art films are types of genres for movies that are not very much watched by the Hollywood crowd. These are movies that will express the thoughts and feelings of artists that not a lot of people can understand. Art films are movies that are not made to make profit. They are made to show interesting topics that are not always accepted by many people and not appreciated by a lot more.

Black comedies are types of genres for movies that will be humorous and funny. The irony of these movies, however, is that they use morbid doings and death as the root of their comedy. There are not a lot of movies that can be considered as such. But two very common examples of black comedies are Pulp Fiction and Very Bad Things.

Buddy Movies are types of genres for movies that will demonstrate the lives and closeness of two people. They are buddies, as the name implies, and the movie will show how their story goes. The buddies in the story can be two or even a group. However, they are of equal importance to the movie and to each other as well. Good examples of buddy movies are the series of movies of The Hangover. This movie will showcase the adventures of a group of friends during the stag party of one of them.

Film Noirs are types of genres for movies that are stylistic and categorized. These are the movies that will show irony, cynicism, human behavior and the like. There are some film noirs that show many different elements that not many people appreciate. For this they are most commonly interchanged with art films as not a lot of people get them.

Ghost stories are the types of genres for movies that are, well, about ghosts. They are those that will show interesting twists wherein one or more of the characters will be a ghost. However, not just because they are ghost stories it means that they will be thrillers or horror films. Take for example the movie Ghost, where the lady finds love in the oddest place as she fell in love with a ghost. Most ghost stories are said to be results of a writer’s imagination. But then again, all screenplays and movies are, right? If they are not nonfiction then they all are coming from their writer’s thoughts and imagination.

If you are looking to make a movie, make sure that you remember these. Make sure that you know the types of genres for movies so that you can make yours most effective and watched by many.