Types Of Flowers On Trees

There are so many types of flowers on trees each with their own peculiarity and flowering color. They have their different sizes and heights, plus their exotic blooms not forgetting their lovable aromas. Below are some of the most popular types of flowers on trees:


This is perhaps the most popular of all types of flowers on trees. Apart from their beauty, their fruits are equally edible. They share the same genus with almond, peach, and plum, and are divided into three varieties: ornamental cherry, sour cherry, and sweet cherry. Ornamental cherries are named for their blooms with their exotic show of scented flowers. The sour cherry produces tart fruit that are mostly canned or coked. On the other hand, sweet cherries are the most demanded of all types with their sweet berries that are edible both to humans and birds. There are different varieties of the sweet berry and they prefer a temperate climate.


If you have not heard about this one before, you have probably heard the name ‘amazing grace’. This is what most people choose to call these types of flowers on trees because of the graceful way it produces its blooms which can actually cover the entire tree. The blooms come first before leaves and fruits then follow. There are also several varieties of this type of flowering tree which can resist lots of diseases.

Crape myrtle

These types of flowers on trees have blooms that look like craft paper. They come in a wide range of colors with flowers in different shades of purple, pink, or pink. They bloom from July through September and thrive better in warm climates.

Flowering dogwood

These ones are slightly different from other types of flowers on trees because they produce green flowers that are small. They take a different color during fall as their foliage deepens to purple, red, or pink.

Fringe tree

These types of flowers on trees are mostly used for decorations. They have creamy flowers that are dome-shaped, providing an aura and a feeling of springtime. Though they are small, their beauty more than make up for their size.

Goldenchain tree

These trees are magnificent to behold when they bloom. They are also in the small category and their bloom drips from their branches. Though very beautiful, this tree contains toxic substances that are very deadly when they are eaten. This is the reason why they are not always planted around homes.


They are very big and portray beauty. Its importance and beauty is noted by Mississippi and Louisiana as it’s their state flower and tree. The magnolia is known as the father of all types of flowers on trees with their deep scented blooms that can spread about one foot wide. No wonder it was named Magnolia grandiflora.

There are equally other types of flowers on tree but the above are some of the most popular ones. These plants can be used for environmental beautification and decoration of your gardens. We all love the beauty of nature, and there are very few things that portray this beauty than flowering trees.