Types Of Flowers Lilies

There are several types of flowers lilies which are different in their unique ways. Lilies are grouped under the Lilium genus, and are perennial in nature. The cultivation of these flowers is quite easy because of the easy adaptability features as they can be grown in different types of soils not minding their pH levels. Due to these and other features, lilies are one of the most popular kinds of flowers utilized in several events and in several cultures. The following are some of the most common types of flowers lilies that can be found in the world today.

Asiatic Hybrids

These types of flowers lilies have the widest range of colors and are readily available. They are equally very durable and include features such as sweet scent, straight, stiff, and strong stems. They are grown in several places and are used for beautiful decorations.

Oriental Hybrids

This is the most popular of all types of flowers lilies, but they don’t last as their Asiatic counterparts and do not have several colors. They have very potent scents and the blooms are usually faced downwards. These types of flowers lilies can grow as tall as 6 fit which makes them suitable for making impressive bouquets. An example of this kind of lily is the stargazer lily.

Martagon Hybrids

These are one of the tallest types of flowers lilies with about 7 feet for the full grown ones. They have curled clustered leaves and have blooms always facing downwards. Like the Asiatic hybrids, they equally have a wide range of colors.

Trumpet And Aurelian

Just like its name, the trumpet and Aurelian resembles a trumpet with its blooms facing outwards. They are equally very tall and come in a wide range of colors. These types of flowers lilies have big blooms that are covered with strong scent. The Aurelian variety, which is the most common of this type of lilies, has curved petals and a lovely shape.

American Hybrids

The American hybrid is grown in North America and is mostly found in whimsical gardens with their lovely petals that always curl and twirl. They are among the types of flowers lilies that grow well in light shades and cool soil.

Other kinds of species

L. amabile lillies

These are mostly grown in Korea and bloom in early summer. They can grow up to 3 feet tall.

Gold Band lily

They grow in Japan and can go as tall as 6 feet high. They are very fragrant and have gold band mixed with red spots on their blooms. Each stem of the gold band lily has about 50 blooms and they bloom during late summer.

L. cernuum

These flowers are commonly found in Siberia and Korea. They bloom during summer and are among the smallest types of flowers lilies. They are spotted with purple colors and can have approximately 5 blooms on a single stem.

Columbia lily (L. columbianum:)

These are native to Northern California and British Columbia with about 6 blooms per stem. The fully grown flowers bloom during the summer reaching up to six feet.