Types Of Flowers For Weddings

What are the different types of flowers for weddings? Weddings have always been the best and happiest times of everyone’s lives. It has always been one of the most awaited rites of passage for an individual. Some prefer to have it on their birthdays, on the weekends, on holidays, or any day of the week that is both special for the couples. Thus, weddings may take place in the fall, winter, spring or summer. Weddings are incomplete without such elaborate flower arrangements. Different flowers bloom in every season so different types of flowers for weddings are prepared as well depending on the seasons the couples are wed.

Types of Flowers for Weddings in the Summer

Roses are excellent for weddings for all seasons. They are classic wedding flowers usually in white colors and blended with calla lilies which are also white in color, making the bouquet look quite romantic and appealing.

Stargazer lilies with blooms that are large and a scent that is glorious are also everyone’s favorite. Their colors are usually vibrant and they look traditional.

Snapdragons are summer flowers perfect for weddings since they come in various colors, thus adding contrast. Not only that but also snapdragons add drapery and height to bouquets.

Daises usually blended with irises are popular since they are cute and have a variety of colors and sizes from small to large.

Types of Flowers for Weddings in the Fall

Kniphofia also known as “Red Hot Poker” have pointed shapes. These flowers are best when arranged for centerpieces and pedestals at the weddings.

Chrysanthemums are also called as “xanths” or “mums.” They come in various sizes as well as colors such as yellow, white, bright red, etc. They are best for arrangements and bouquets.

Dahlias have multiple petals and come in various sizes and colors from bright red to vibrant yellow. They are preferred for centerpieces at the weddings.

Calla Lily is considered as the “queen of fall bouquets” which usually comes in various colors. It is shaped like a trumpet which looks elegant at weddings.

Types of Flowers for Weddings in the Spring

Tulips come in different colors such as purple, yellow, red, pink, and white. They look best in a bouquet when arranged alone in two of their colors or just one color.

Ranunculus also called as “Persian Buttercup” is similar to a rose but without thorns. They are great for bouquets and come in various colors such as orange, red, yellow, white, pink and purple.

Delphinium comes in white and blue colors. They look best in white and blue bouquets and flower arrangements.

Types of Flowers for Weddings in the Winter

Types of flowers for the winter weddings may include many choices such as:


-Dogwood Sprigs

-Snowball Mums










Actually, you can choose from any of these wedding flowers as your theme. You may choose either one alone or two and you can mix it or them with several flowers below to make a beautiful arrangement for winter weddings.


– bells


-dried grasses of wheat stems

– Holly

– Ivy

-Babies Breath

-Pine Cones

-Evergreen Pine boughs