Types Of Fish Bait

The different types of fish bait have their benefits and shortfalls. Overall, their benefits outweigh their shortfall compared to other fishing tools. The 7 major types of fish bait include jigs, soft plastic baits, flies, spinerbaits, spoons, and spinners.


These are the most versatile types of fish bait. They are not expensive to boot and can be use to catch any type of game fish. Their lead head come in a wide range of color and size and can be dressed in plastic grub, hair, or feathers. Using these types of fish bait requires good concentration because you are required to do a lot of things, unlike spinners. The best way to use a jig when fishing is by casting it out and wait till it reaches bottom. When it reaches the bottom, pull it up in series of hops. You need to twist, make little hops and big lifts until you are certain you are doing the right thing. You have to be watchful when the strike occurs because it is the hardest part about jigging.


These are one of the easiest types of fish bait to use. It is ideal for beginners who want to learn the ropes of fishing. It has a metal shaft with a spinning blade. It hook can either be dressed or bare and the blade spins when the spinner is dragged through water. As the blade spins, it vibrates and creates sound that can easily be detected by fish with the help of their literal line. This is the reason why this type of bait is more suitable for murky or stained water. The only thing you will need to do when using a spinner is casting and retrieving. You might want to experiment by slowing sown or speeding up the retrieve to find which one suite you better.


These are metal baits that have curved blades. They are made in different sizes and colors and can be used in virtually any kind of fishing. Some of these types of fish bait are made and intended to be trolled while some others are made to be jigged while even others are intended to be cast. The easiest to use are the casting spoons because all you need to do is cast in and retrieve just like spinners. The speed of can be slowed down or made to wobble quickly, depending on how fast you want it.

Soft Plastic Baits

These types of fish bait are basically utilized for bass fishing. They are made by adding liquid plastic in a mould and including scent, metallic flakes, and dyes. The way the plastic baits are made attracts fish to hold them for a while before spitting them out, which gives the angler more chance to fix the hook. There are several types of soft plastic baits and their presentation depends on the types.


These types of fish bait are made from wood or hollow plastic resemble frogs, baitfish, or other kinds of fish prey. They are excellent choice for catching any types of fish as they are made to float. There are different types of plug, which include poppers, diving/floating plug, surface plugs, jerkbaits, and crankbaits.