Types Of Energy Weapons

Most of the time, energy weapons are only heard in fiction movies and shows, but to be able to understand the types of energy weapons is important to anyone too. You see, there are many different types of energy weapons and you wouldn’t want to be in a country that uses and tests any of these illegally because these types of energy weapons can really very easily turn bad.

The directed energy types of energy weapons, otherwise called DEW, are the ones that pertains to energy weapons that uses projectile to target their target. From the DEW weapon, energy is transferred and moved until it gets to the target. Most of these types of energy weapons can really be lethal. However, it is said that there are still other types of energy weapons that are not. There are three types of energy where the energy of the DEW can come from. These three are electromagnetic radiation which uses radio frequencies and lasers among others, mass, and even in sound through sonic weapons.

Particle beam types of energy weapons, on the other hand, are those that uses an atomic high energy beam. These types of energy weapons are known to be able to produce quite a lot of damage as they are known to destroy the molecular structure of atomic structure of their target. This being sad, they are known to have a pretty huge impact on human kind. This is why they are not recommended to be used unless emergencies or matters of warfare. These types of energy weapons work basing on the principles of sound. A good example of how these types of energy weapons work is by overheating a target until it becomes useless to us.

There are also chemical laser energy weapons. As the name implies, these are energy weapons that make use of chemicals to destroy their targets. It is said that these kinds of weapons are being developed massively at present. It is said that they are using a certain gas medium to produce the chemical reaction that is needed for these weapons to take effect. One of the known people who use these energy weapons is the Soviet Union.

The Gas laser weapons are different from the chemical ones, mind you. Here, there are certain burning gasses that are used and compressed. When the weapon is fired this energy is released with pressure, dealing considerable damage to the area where it is targeted. Japan is known to be developing these kinds of energy weapons. The United States too, are known to be developing these as well.

There are many different kinds of energy weapons out there – I bet we are just not being made aware about them. You see, there are many different military groups out there are that are looking to make sure that they are able to protect their countries. This being said, they can see the need to developing such energy weapons as they know that the others are doing so as well.