Types Of Energy

What are the different types of energy? Energy defines the capacity of any physical system to work or perform work. In everything we do, we need energy. There are many different types of energy, each from different sources and functions as well. The most common types of energy are light energy, kinetic energy, gravitational energy, sound energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, heat energy, and elastic energy among others.

Light energies are types of energy that are, well, coming from lights. Basically, anything that can give off light can be considered light energy. Many things around us can give light energy. Some of these things include candles, light bulbs, and of course, the biggest source of light energy, the sun.

Kinetic energies, on the other hand, are types of energy that are involved in making things move. These are basically anything that can move and can make things move. Therefore, kinetic energy is pretty much everywhere. It is the energy of motion. Examples of kinetic energy are the basic push and pull motions and or cars, and other moving objects.

Gravitational Potential Energies are types of energy that is caused by gravity. Therefore, this is basically energy that is caused by the downward motion that is gravity. Basically, this is the energy that accumulates when a thing gest lifted from the ground. This is also known as the different energies objects have because of their position. Examples of the gravitational potential energies include balls that are held above the ground. When the ball gets released, it will then fall to the ground. This is gravitational potential energy. Hydro energy is also considered a type of this.

Sound energies are basically types of energy that are produced by vibrations or sound. These are basically sound that travels from one place to another. Common examples of these types of energy are radio frequency traveling across a network or guitar sounds you hear in your eardrum. Technically, sound waves are the compression waves that are associated with both potential and kinetic energy of the air molecules. This is why many people call sound energy as shimmering air.

Electrical energies are types of energy that defines the flow of electricity. These are basically the electricity flowing in an electric circuit to provide power to a certain device or gadget. You see, matter is made out of atoms. Atoms are then composed of smaller particles that are called protons, electrons, and neutrons. When there is a certain movement of these particles, electrical current is produced. When this electrical current moves, then it becomes electric energy. Lighting is a good example of electrical energy.

Chemical energies are types of energy that, well, are produced from chemical reactions. Chemical energy is a form of potential energy that is microscopic. They exist because of electric forces and magnetic forces that attract each other. These are basically the energy that is stored in fuel. These energies are then released when chemical reactions occur. The most common examples of chemical energies are oil, food, gunpowder, gasoline, wood, charcoal, and many others.