Types Of Energy Waves

There are multiple types of energy waves that travel around us. They are ubiquitous. We might not be able to see them, but nonetheless, they are there. A wave is a disturbance caused through space or matter which is followed by transmission of energy. The motion of the wave transfers energy from point A to point B. Primarily there are two types of energy waves- mechanical and electromagnetic. Magnetic waves transfer through a deformed medium. The electromagnetic waves do not require a medium. They travel through vacuum. The sound waves use air as a medium to carry sounds. Seismic waves occur inside the Earth. The electromagnetic waves transmit light, radio, heat. The medium mentioned above may be water or air. The role of the medium is to move back and forth thereby aiding in transmission of waves. It is pertinent to know that the medium, in actuality, does not transfer with the wave. The electromagnetic waves include radio waves, microwaves, ultraviolet radiation, gamma rays, X-rays, visible light.

The different types of energy waves are as follows. An ocean wave after crashing against a shore releases a large amount of energy. The ocean waves are a powerhouse of energy! They carry a lot of energy across the surface of the sea. For instance, a wave as high as 10 feet (3 m) carries to light around a thousand light bulbs. Electromagnetic spectrum has radios, televisions, mobile phones and radar under its ambit. They carry energy as magnetism and electricity. Light presents itself as a visible form of electromagnetic wave. But there are others which are invisible electromagnetic wave, for instance, sound and heat. The different types of electromagnetic waves have different frequencies and wavelengths.

Out of the many types of energy waves, there are Gamma Rays. These are produced radioactively. They are known to have short wavelength and high frequency but carry a large amount of energy in them. It is significant to point out that they are very harmful and can cause cancer in both humans and animals.

The next are the Ultraviolet Rays which are the invisible energy eaves. They are slightly shorter when compared with the visible violet light. They carry more energy. Infrared Rays are slightly longer than visible red light. This energy wave is invisible but we can feel it. Thus, it is a sensory sort of a wave. When heat energy is transferred by radiation, it is carried by infrared waves. Radio waves surface as the longest in the spectrum. They are known to carry radio and TV signals. It is interesting to know that radio waves from outer space are sensed by radio telescopes and further used in studying and understanding the universe.

Seismic Waves are related to the Earth. When energy trapped in rocks deep within the Earth are released, they surface as seismic shock waves. They eventually produce violent shaking of the ground which is known as earthquakes. Microwaves are radio waves used for locating ships and aircrafts. These are longer wavelengths than visible light.

Thus, these are the types of energy waves that surround us.