Types Of Energy Used

The types of energy used in the world vary according to the source of energy in the different parts of the world. While some have more water, others are richer in fossil fuels and/or sunlight and that is also why you would see that different countries rely on different sources of energy. At the same time there are those places where the reliance is now shifting from one source of energy to another. There are primarily two types of energy used- renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Where the former is concerned, reliance is on those resources that are available to us till the end of time and where the latter is concerned those sources are used that can only be used once after they are found and they can never be renewed or reused again.

So, one of the types of energy used, where non-renewable energy is concerned, is energy from coal. When coal is burnt it produces different gases that can be toxic for those working near it and in addition to this quite a lot of coal has to be used to generate electricity. Also, coal is not a renewable source of energy and that is why countries that rely heavily on it are looking for other sources of electricity.

One of the types of energy used where renewable energy is concerned is solar energy- the use of the sunlight to generate electricity and the benefits of this sort of energy was felt and realized more recently. Many people are reluctant to invest in this though because installation of solar panels and buying the solar panels, too, can be quite expensive. The good news is that in the long run you would have a lot of benefits- the energy you don’t use goes back into the grid for consumption later on and the source of energy is also cheap. Apart from this, solar energy would really help bring down prices and slash costs on your bills too.

Water is one of the many types energy used around the world too. Water helps generate electricity when it flows down fast with great turbulence and hits the turbines, causing them to revolve, and thus generate electricity. Such electricity generation is seen in countries where there are mountains, dams and turbines installed at the bottom to produce electricity.

Wind energy is also one of the types of energy used but the problem is that for wind energy to work, the site has to have a lot of wind blowing through it so that consistent electricity can be generated at all times. This is not suitable for places where the wind is not fast or strong enough because that way the generation of electricity would be poor. However, many countries are, today, looking toward the use of wind energy in order to produce electricity in the near future because it is a renewable form of energy.

Most countries are now looking toward wind and solar power for electricity generation in the near future.