Types Of Energy Solar Wind

Understanding the types of energy solar wind are not as hard as you may think. It’s pretty basic as they are what their name implies and they get their sources from their names. You see, in total there are more than 5 types of energy but when it comes to types of energy solar wind, there are only two for each of them so make sure that you understand them and be able to use them up to their limits.

Solar thermal energy is the first types of energy solar wind. This is basically the process of converting the solar energy from the sun and turns it into heat. If you are going to get these types of energy solar wind you will be able to use solar heaters. You can use this energy to dry your clothes when it rains. Some use it for ventilation and even in cooking.

Photovoltaic solar power, on the other hand, are the types of energy solar wind that gathers the solar energy from the sun and converts it to electricity directly and not a lot of other things will be done. In these types of energy solar wind photovoltaic cells will be used. There are many kinds of uses for these solar powers too, such as cooling systems and lighting systems too.

Concentrating solar powers are the types of energy solar wind that are like the photovoltaic ones. It also directly converts the solar energy into electricity for them to be used by humans. The main difference is that here, lenses are used and sometimes even mirrors. These lenses will then create tiny beams of light that will be sent into the photovoltaic panels. This is the process used by many thermal power plants. But there are many other uses of these types of energy solar wind, you just have to look into it more than once.

HAWT types of energy solar wind are those that use wind turbines that have horizontal axis. HAWT is actually an acronym for horizontal axis wind turbines that we commonly see being used around us. The HAWT is effective if they are pointed at the direction of the wind. As the wind turbines propel, they create turbulence behind them. This is what’s converted into energy and used in many different applications and the like.

The wind turbines with vertical axis are those that have their rotor shaft vertically arranged. Here, unlike the HAWT, you do not have to face them to the wind. No matter where the wind points, you will notice they will be able to turn and produce the energy that people are longing for and no yaw mechanisms will be needed.

There are many kinds of energy that you can make good use of if you know well what they are. There are some that will not need lavish apparatus, just you, yourself, and your mind. Get to know the many kinds of energy and get to know many ways that you can use them.