Types Of Energy Production

Types of energy production are a crucial decision for every economy to develop; everyone is trying to find ways to produce energy in the cheapest way as possible, as the present types of energy production are not proving helpful to the economies to replenish its raw material to produce energy.

For example the types of energy production methods present in the recent scenario are:

Hydraulic method: This type of energy production utilizes water to produce energy these plants are set up over dams where water of rivers is stopped and is allowed to fall with full force over the turbines which produce energy and generate electricity.

Energy from the biodegradable wastes is produced by burning the waste in bio gas plants to produce gas and turn it into energy, in this type of energy production a hole is dug into the ground a large pot like vessel is being planted and the biomass are filled into the vessel and burnt to produce gas which is used to produce energy, bio gas plants emits harmful gases which leads to respiratory diseases.

Various other products from the nature are also used to produce energy which is renewable and non-renewable resources out of which non renewable resources are on an urge of extinction which is becoming a great problem. Scientist are finding various other types of energy production and have got succeeded in some ways using solar energy, petroleum gas, greenhouse effect etc.

One of the most successful out the various ways of energy production is the solar energy which is produced by sunlight, the energy from the sun is converted into electricity or for cooking using solar cells and solar cookers which attracts the sunlight and converts its light into energy for serving many purposes, it is a very easy way of energy production. The solar cells can be installed by an individual on the terrace of his home or in the field and generate electricity for his household or farm. Solar cookers are used to cook food by placing the food item inside the cooker and keep it in front of the sunlight.

Greenhouse effect this type of energy production method is used in large farms where the earth’s heat is converted into energy. The greenhouse effect is created to provide proper oxygen to the plants and could use the energy from plants and earths heat.

Many kinds of chemicals are also used to produce energy such as uranium which is used in nuclear power plants where the nuclear reactions take place in large reactors. Some fossil fuels are also used in various cases to produce energy the only problem with producing energy with fossil fuel is that they cannot be replenished once used for example, coal is used in thermal power plants where coal is heated at high temperature to produce energy which is used to produce electricity, but the point of tension is that burning coal produces smoke and ash which are a big threat to the environment and even causes skin and respiratory diseases. Hence, energy can be produced by various methods depending upon the utilization of the available resources.