Types Of Energy In The World

Various types of energy in the world can be listed as new forms of energy are found regularly. So, the real number is hard to agree on. In fact, new energy means new form of energy. The fundamental types of energy are kinetic and potential. Let’s take a wide look on the main types of energy in the world.

Anyway, the types of energy in the world are given below:

Kinetic energy:

Kinetic energy can force something. It can create motion or accelerate the existing motion.

Mechanical Energy:

The potential energy and the kinetic energy jointly makes mechanical energy. The kinetic energy is already stated. The potential energy can be found everywhere in this world.

Surface energy:

Where there is any tension there is the surface energy. The tension is required on any surface.

Chemical energy:

Chemical energy is another one among the types of energy in the world. This one can found inside fuels. In time of chemical reaction this energy is created. So, a chemical reaction is the fundamental source of chemical energy.

Gravitational potential energy:

This energy is created for the reason of the position of a particle. The more height is the main factor. The higher the height the more the energy.

Sound energy:

Vibration is required to produce sound. In normal sense, anything which can be heard is sound. The fact is that if the frequency is below 20Hz or above 20,000Hz then it can’t be heard. The energy of sound can be a destructive one if it is used in that way!!

Thermal energy:

Thermal energy depends of the temperature. Because of the thermal energy, the movement of the molecules in a particle is increased. Thus, the thermal energy another name of which is heat energy is produced.

Electro chemical energy:

Light is treated as electrochemical energy. It is called, ‘electro-magnetic radiation’. The amazing power of light is that it can run by itself and work at a time. Different theories are considered about light. Some scientists believes that light is actually a set packets. These packets contain electron and protons. There are different thought too. Some think that light is like a set of waves. The shorter the distance between the waves, then stronger the energy. Both are true but not always. So, the latest theory is that light is actually a combination of the wave and the packet. One example of the energy of light is sunlight. It contains harmful ultraviolet ray.

Electrical energy:

Among the types of energy in the world this type is produced as an electric field is created around the electric wire. Electrons are moving objects around the neutron. In fact, these moving electrons are responsible for the electricty.

Nuclear energy:

This one is an amazing form of energy. Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion can create the nuclear energy. Absence of this energy can cause the world turned into cold.

These are the various types of energy in the world. Obviously these are not enough. New forms are energies are searched always as the human being needs energy for its survival.