Types Of Energy In The Universe

To fully understand how the universe operates, it is pertinent to understand the different types of energy in the universe. We all know that energy cannot be made neither can it be destroyed. But it can be changed from one form to another. And all events and workings of the universe rely on the transformation of energy from one form to another. The different types of energy in the universe can be grouped into two major forms – kinetic and potential.

Kinetic Energy

These types of energy in the universe can be obtained from movement or motion. Therefore any object or particle is in motion, that object is said to have a kinetic energy. An example of these types of energy in the universe is vibrational kinetic energy and rotational kinetic energy.

Potential Energy

The basic energy which is obtained in an object or system as a result of its structure or position with applied force is what is known as a potential energy. There is a potential energy in a catapult that is pulled to aim at an object. We can say that the catapult string has the “potential” for performing the task of launching the stone. Potential energy can take different forms, including nuclear potential energy, magnetic, electrical, chemical, and gravitational potential energy.

Chemical energy

As humans, most of the things we do is powered by the presence of potential energy we take in through respiration. These types of energy in the universe can b derived from the production and breaking down of inter-atomic molecular bonds. A good example of a chemical energy is the one gotten from gasoline.

Heat/thermal energy

These types of energy in the universe can be described as the combination of both the potential and kinetic energy of molecules and atoms that create a substance. Heat energy can be properly ascertained by checking the temperatures of the structure or substance under consideration. On a simple note, these types of energy in the universe can be described as energy of substance resulting from the translational, rotational, potential, and vibrational energy.

Electric Energy

An electric energy is the result of the potential current of an electric. These types of energy in the universe are very important as it enables the performance of several activities. The electric energy passes through a wire but there must be electric current emitting substance before the process can b complete.

Elastic Energy

The force that accompanies a rubber when returning back to its normal state after being stretched is what is known as an elastic energy. The stored elastic energy will be transformed to kineti energy when the rubber is returning to its previous state.

Nuclear Energy

This is derived from the fusion of radioactive isotopes such as Uranium. Before this energy is derived, there has to be an energy conversion from a nuclear mass.

Sound Energy

This one is easy to identify but difficult to measure. Any sound you hear contains a sound potential energy. It is derived from rarefaction and compression waves which uses the air as a medium.