Types Of Energy In India

When it comes to energy sources, many countries are now working towards finding other sources of energy and this is why there are different types of energy in India. There are various types of energy in India and there are numerous energy sources in India as well. It gets plenty sun, its rivers are full of water, it has enough waste materials to be burned for energy and wind isn’t a problem here either. Hence there are different types of energy in India and though some are more expensive than the rest, there are those that are relatively cheaper as well.

Solar power is one of the many types of energy in India. Since the country gets plenty sunlight the government, a few years ago, began working upon the development of such energy sources of this sort. The Indian Solar energy project was begun in November 2009 when the government announced that it would come up with off-grid solar. The Indian Solar Loan Program was awarded the Energy Globe Award by the United Nations Energy Program and it is believed that the solar power plants would be able to distribute quite a lot of energy due to ample sunlight too.

India’s rivers have a good amount of flowing water in them and so, hydroelectricity (electricity produced by waters that hit the turbine and generate electricity) is produced here as well. During the monsoons plenty of water is available in the rivers and that is why there are quite a few rivers with dams here and the waters of the rivers are used to generate electricity. Examples of dams in India are inclusive of those in Goa, Kerala, Manipur, Punjab and Rajastan. There are many other dams in the country but despite this, water is not the main source of energy in India- coal is.

Of all the types of energy in India coal is one source of energy that is used widely within the country. The only problem is that due to rapid consumption of coal (due to increasing population growth levels) the country has had to find alternative sources of energy which is why it is now exploring other sources such as solar power and wind energy as well. However, coal is the most widely used source of energy in the country. Hydroelectricity is the second most widely used source of energy here.

India is currently also looking into wind energy. The country receives winds during the monsoons and other times of the year as well. India has the fifth largest wind power capacity in the world. However you will find limited places with this, of all types of energy in India, source of energy in the country.

Waste products are also used to produce energy in the country.

Hence, though India receives a lot of sunlight and has a lot of water, it is in need of discovering other sources of energy which are renewable especially since coal, its main source of energy, is a source that the country is running out of.