Types Of Energy Generation

There are several types of energy generation which are used by mankind for various activities in the world. Energy generation is a particular field that is involved in making both primary and secondary energy available to meet the needs of mankind. Below are some of the most common types of energy generation

Wind Energy generation

The clamor for green environment has made these types of energy generation more popular. Wind generation is one of the purest forms of energy because it is a renewable energy. Because the energy is got from the wind, it is widely available as long as there is wind in the particular geographical location. Generation of energy through wind is not a new phenomenon as windmills have been used for years to perform several tasks such as pumping of water and grinding of grains. Today, aero generators can be used to convert wind energy into electric current. People no longer have to rely on fossil fuels or other forms of power to generate electric current since wind is largely available everywhere. However, one drawback to these types of energy generation is their irregularity. When there is no wind, no energy will be generated.

Hydraulic Energy

This is one of the most common types of energy generation in use in the world today. Hydroelectric energy is formed from water pressure. In this energy producing process, water is transferred to the engine room from a dam through a discharging pipe. Large hydraulic turbines then use the water pressure to generate electricity in their alternators. The amount of electricity generated in this process depends on the power of the turbines and the amount of water present in the dam.

One disadvantage of these types of energy generation is the environmental damage as the large amount of water used for this purpose may not be suitable for any other purpose.

Nuclear Energy

This is one of the most recent types of energy generation. The act of generating energy through this medium is based on the idea of converting nuclear reactions to usable energy. Nuclear power generation is increasingly becoming popular because the energy source cannot deplete unlike other non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels. Also, it doesn’t cause any damage to the atmosphere, which explains why a lot of people have been clamoring for more use of nuclear energy generation to reduce the overall effect of CO2 in the ecosystem.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

This is also one of the most recent types of energy generation. This process uses photovoltaic panels to convert the heat from the sun into usable energy. This form of energy is better than most other types of energy generation because it does not disturb the ecosystem. However, one disadvantage with this type of energy is its high cost. It is more expensive than other types of energy generation, which explains why it is not highly demanded.

Thermoelectric Energy

This form of energy generation is based on the release of energy from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, or oil) and some other nuclear fission.