Types Of Energy Game

In the current world, there are several types of energy game available for every age. Some of the most popular types of energy game are as follows:

Energy Name Game:

This is one of the most popular types of energy game. The energy name game is a quick and an easy way for introducing the people to one another in a group. This energy game does not require any sort of prior preparation and needs only little time. The time limit for these types of energy game for a group of 12 members would be around 10 minutes. In this game, the members should be seated in a circle with each one of them facing inward. Each one of the member would choose their new last names and these new last games would be starting with the same alphabet as their first names. The game goes like this – The first person would introduce them with their original first and last name along with their new last name. The next person would have to say his own names with the first person’s name. This continues until the last person gives everyone’s name and his/her own name.

Electric Connections:

This is one of the types of energy game which would teach the player how the sources of energy are contributing to the electricity generation. This is one game which would demonstrate the benefits of working together in groups thereby this game would reinforce the idea of group sharing as well as co-operative learning. This requires less preparation only and the time limit required for this game would be 40 minutes. The normal age group of people who would be suitable for this game is 5th to 12th grade students.

Energy Source Relay Race:

This is one type of game that would test the students’ ability for recognizing the significant pictorial representations of the sources of energy along with the energy production, consumption or conservation of the devices and materials. This game is based upon the game show called ‘Win, Lose or Draw’. This game is suitable for students of 3 to 12 grades. The average time taken for this game is 20 minutes. This game also requires only very less time. The basic requirements for this game would be 6 pieces of paper and 2 pencils for each group 5 players.

Energy Pantomime:

This is a quick and easy way for breaking a group into several numbers of small groups. This is one such game that would make the participants of the game to move, look, think and act. This would produce any mix of group or any mix of groups by ages depending upon how the slips were handed out. This game is short and easy to prepare. This game would be a real fun for the audience. This game would require only one adult for running; however, many adults could also be involved. These types of energy game would be suited for most ages. This is most popular among the students of 2 to 12 grades. This game does not require more time to prepare and the average time required would be 5 minutes.

In addition to these, there are several types of energy game available for all grades of students and adults.