Types Of Energy And Examples

If you are looking to find the types of energy and examples are, this is for you. Here, you can get to know these types of energy and examples so as to be able to know which ones you can utilize the most and be able to enjoy as well.

The first types of energy and examples that we will discuss will be light energy. As the name implies, light energy is energy that can be gotten from anything that produces light. Whatever it is that is luminous will be able to produce light energy. Examples of light energy will be sun, light bulbs, and candles.

Kinetic energy is involves those objects that produce energy because of movement. Basically, whatever it may be that can move will be able to produce kinetic energy and this is why the best example of these types of energy and examples will be cars and fuels as fuel is burned when the car moves.

Gravitational Potential Energy pertains to the many different objects that is caused or produced by gravity. The thing is that any kinds of objects that cause the transfer of energy from above the ground are among these types of energy and examples. As for the examples, the best ones will be airplanes and pole vault jumpers.

Sound energy, as the name implies, is part of our list of types of energy and examples because it is energy that is produced when there is sound involved. Basically, sound is caused by vibration, right? This is why sound energy is the energy produced when vibrations are made. The best examples of sound energy include guitars, radio, and microphones.

Electrical energy is part of these types of energy and examples list because it is energy that is produced because of electric currents or electricity. Every time there are electric current and electric flow involved, there will be energy transferred and this is why electrical energy is a vital part of these types of energy and examples list. Examples of electrical energy will be a desktop computer, a TV, and the like.

Chemical energy are basically the release of fuels that are stored in different kinds of objects. When they are exposed to chemical reactions, energy is produced and hence called chemical energy. The use of batteries is a good example of chemical energy. But another one will be food that when digested, turns into fuel for our body.

Heat energy is, well, energy produced when there is heat involved. This means a good example of heat energy will be a burning fireplace or evaporating water.

Lastly, elastic energy comes from objects that are stretched, twisted, and the like. This includes examples such as slingshots and rubber bands.

Are there any other kinds of energy that you will like to add to this list of types of energy and examples? There are actually many others that you can. This being said, think of the many objects that can cause energy and list down examples of them.