Types Of Cars Models

There are a million types of cars models being manufactured worldwide. Discussing all the car models would be impossible but ‘TypesOf.com’ gives you an exposure to many models which will help you choose and inform you about the various models launched. Car lovers always keep a track of their favourite cars and want to know more about them. This discussion would help them to know more about their favourite vehicle.

* Honda Amaze- This is amongst the family sedan types of cars models which was launched by Honda recently in 2013. It is a new addition to the family of Honda and is the first diesel vehicle in its family. With a price range for its various varieties from 5L to 8L, it is one of the best family cars. It provides luxury and is not beyond your pockets. It is more or less a sedan version to Brio with few changes in exteriors and interiors. It is in direct competition with Maruti Suzuki’s Swift Dzire.

* Swift Dzire- With a price ranging from 5L to 8L, Swift Dzire model of Maruti Suzuki is very famous in India. The launch of this model of the cars in India gave a rise to the sale in the vehicles of Maruti Suzuki. It is a luxury family car with better exteriors and interiors than the hatchback model of Swift. Although both the versions have the same engines but still looks matter a lot.

* Chevrolet Cruze- With its latest model launched in 2013 it is one of the types of cars models which is over taking the market of cars. More and more people who are able to afford a 14L car are moving towards it as it provides better comfort and better power. It has the most powerful engine type in the class of its vehicles. The latest version of Cruze comes with a new 6-speed manual transmission. With its bold and dynamic looks, it is ruling the markets.

* Rolls-Royce Wraith- The latest model of the Rolls-Royce is known to be the vehicle for the bold population. This car is also known to embody the future. With technologically advanced GPS system it can predict the road ahead and change the gears automatically. It has 8-speed transmission system. It was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March’13.

* Toyota Fortuner- It is one of the SUV types of cars models which is recently sold in the Indian markets. With air-conditioner, traction control, folding rear-seat, cup-holder, power steering and door locks, tubeless tires, alloy wheels, leather seats, rear defroster, central locking, steering adjustments, power seats, immobilizers and many more features, it comes with a starting range of 19L. It is one of the best SUV models launched by Toyota. With its bold looks it is the vehicle to watch out for.

These are the types of cars models famous and much in demand. Apart from Rolls-Royce, all other vehicles discussed here are over powering the markets and many new people are demanding them.