Types Of Cars List

Searching for a car to purchase can take a lot of time if you are not quite familiar with the various car types and features. There are types of cars available in different brands. When deciding to purchase a car, factors such as the number of passengers, the number of stuff to load, the place where the purchaser lives and works to look at the resistance of the car and the wheels,and the purchaser’s budget should be considered.

Here are the various car types available for the purchaser to choose from.

-Convertible- This is one of the types of cars which is considered very popular due to its look which is quite extravagant. This is usually used in movies. Its major characteristic is that it can be opened on top. Its roof may either be soft or hard, the former which is made of some textile that can be folded and the latter which is made of plastic, aluminum or steel.

-Minivans- This is one of the types of cars which is suitable to those with many family members since it provides great space inside the car. It has the trunk, cabin and bonnet in one box which is a space saver.Usually the seats of a minivan are elevated compared to some cars. It has a seating capacity of seven. This is convenient for the city.

-Coupe- This type of car has a distinct angle formed along the rear window and the trunk which give an appearance to the car as having an aerodynamic shape. It fits four to two passengers.Its back seats are somewhat small so suitable only for small kids and can hold only little things. It can go fast as well.

-Sedan- This is quite popular around the world. It was believed to have a greater aerodynamic capacity at first but later it was found out to be incorrect. Types of sedan include the limousine, or the Chauffeured, the Hatchback,the Hardtop, the Two-door, the Fastback,and the Notchback sedans.

-Sports Car-This type is structured to go quite fast because of its weight that is less and enhanced manueverability and acceleration. It is quite luxurious and thus it is associated with high status and wealth.It usually has two seats and two doors.

-SUV or ‘Sport-utility Vehicle’-This type runs in rough roads of which it is known for.Its exterior resembles a minivan but inside it has a smaller space. It usually has four doors.

-Station Wagon-It provides great advantage when it comes to cost and space.Its trunk has a lot of space. Today, due to the economic decline, more and more station wagons have been produced in a lot of countries such as Australia, Japan and other European countries.

-Hatchback- This type is in between station wagons and sedans. It can have five or three doors and the fifth or third door is commonly where the trunk is opened. It is Europe’s favorite but not quite in countries which are developing.

-Pickup Truck-This type is very versatile and has an open top at the back which is useful for transporting goods. It is the USA’s favorite car.