Types Of Cars Brands

Different people have different perceptions about the various types of cars brands. Some people may rate Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Suzuki or BMW as the best car manufacturers and some may rate Ford or Jeep or any of the above as the worst car manufacturers. Informing people about the different types of cars brands is very important as it will help them build a better perception and they may rate the car brands properly. So various brands are explained as under-

* Jaguar- Among all the types of cars brands Jaguar has earned the position among the top brands. It is a British multinational car manufacturing company. Its headquarters is located in Whitney, in England. Presently, Jaguar is the subsidiary of Tata Motors of India. Jaguar has launched many car models which have become extremely famous among the car lovers. The F-type car model which is characterized as a convertible too, is the most recent model in the market. It was launched in 2012. Jaguar produces almost all the type of cars like- executive class, first class, sports cars and even luxury cars etc. Jaguar is known mainly to produce luxury cars. Reports foretell that Jaguar in future would not be producing SUVs but would design a crossover.

* BMW- Bayerische Motoren Werke is the German automobile, engine and motorcycle producer. Its Headquarters are situated in Munich in Germany. It was established in 1916 and is also a parent company for the brand Rolls Royce Motor cars. BMW is also very famous for producing mini cars. This is one of the types of cars brands which produces cars of different varieties. It is one of the best brands that produces luxury cars. Apart from this it is also an executive class car maker and has very well established its market in India with its various models.

* Suzuki- It is a Japanese multinational company producing motor vehicles ranging from cars to motorcycles. According to Japanese reports, it is known to be the second largest manufacturer and producer of vehicles, i.e. motor cars and buses, in Japan. Maruti Suzuki is the Japanese subsidiary in India. Maruti Suzuki was established in 1981 and since then it has launched various car models which have become extremely famous in India and worldwide. This is one of the types of cars brands that, since 1985, is producing many automobiles for many other manufacturers too.

* Chevrolet- General Motors (GM) of America produces Chevrolet motor vehicles and is regarded as one of the best types of cars brands. It has also taken its position among the top brands worldwide. With its operations around the world, it is extremely famous. It has its operations and sells its vehicles in around 140 countries.

* Honda- Honda is a Japanese corporation and is primarily famous for manufacturing of various cars and motor cycles. In world history, Honda has always occupied the first place in the production of motorcycles. As one of the types of cars brands it has launched its automobiles in almost all varieties. It has been one of the leading manufacturers of executive or business class of cars, luxury cars, sports cars, it also produces combustion engines. In India, it started its production with the name of Hero Honda, subsidiary of Honda, Japan. Its vehicles became very famous in India. It occupies one of the top places among all the types of cars brands.

So these are the various types of cars brands which are famous and are very much in demand.