Types Of Energy Changes

When we refer to energy we refer to anything that is present because only things that exist do have energy and when these things move from one state to the other, certain types of energy changes are involved. Though we may not realize this because we cannot see these changes take place but they do take place nevertheless- at an atomic level. Another thing we may not realize is that everything changes from one form to another and that is primarily due to one primary reason- the types of energy changes make this happen.

One of the many forms of energy changes occurs when wind energy is used in order to generate electricity. What happens here is that wind energy hits the windmill which is placed at a certain site. Once the wind hits the windmill, it revolves and this occurs due to kinetic energy. This kinetic energy then has an impact upon the turbines and it is because of the kinetic energy that the wind energy is changed so that it can be used in order to generate electricity. Naturally, more than one windmill is required for this to take place on a large scale though.

Another of the many types of energy changes is the conversion of hydel energy into electrical energy. In this case, fast-flowing water with rapid currents flows down from glaciers. Dams are built near these so that the fast kinetic energy of the water can be used to turn the turbines. The water hits the turbine and helps concert this into electrical energy. For this to happen it is necessary that the water current is fast enough for the water to be able to hit the turbine and produce electrical energy. Without this these types of energy changes are not possible.

Then, there are those types of energy changes where heat is required but that doesn’t necessarily involve the generation of electricity. By way of example, when you heat up water to make tea, one of the many types of energy changes is taking place in front of you. The water is boiled due to the atoms in the water which move due to the heat that they are subjected to. As a result, the water heats up and what happens in this case is that the heat brings about certain types of energy changes by providing atoms in the water with kinetic energy so that the water can heat up.

Some types of energy changes even take place where the weather is concerned. That is how rain occurs. Then there are those types of energy changes due to which we are able to see television or warm ourselves up in front of a heat. So there are so many types of energy changes that take place on an atomic level but just because we cannot see them, that does not mean that they do not take place. There are many more examples of the types of energy changes that occur on a daily basis.

Types Of Energy Changes

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