Types Of Zoysia

Zoysia is a type of grass found in the coastal area of grassland. It belongs to the class of creeping grass which is commonly found in southeast and east Asia and Australia. This type of grass is named after some Australian botanist. Zoysia is a little hard grass which can grow in many conditions and requires low maintenance. It doesn’t need much water too for its growth still it gives the lush green effect in your garden. It is so pleasant to run and walk on a belt of zoysia grass. There are many different types of zoysia which are used in many parts of the world. Types of zoysia depend upon the growth, cultivation method and climatic condition of the country. Every types of zoysia are different from other which gives them versatility in many parts of the world.

Here are some of the types of zoysia which are grown in many parts of the world according to their climatic condition, natural resources and methods.


Emerald is a fine lush green grass which needs high maintenance compared to other types of zoysia. It has a special ability which makes them tough and drought resistant. They have moderate shade tolerant and somewhat tolerate heat too. They need warm weather to grow, and cold weather can damage them. They require water at least once a week.


Zenith is a medium size grass with deep green color. They are moderate shade resistant and grow well in cold weather. They have intense growth patterns and can strongly hold drought and other deficiency problems. These should be planted in spring and summer season and requires water in 20 to 25 days.


Manila grass is among those types of zoysia grass which grows slowly and is dense compared to other types of zoysia. These are very sensitive grass forms which are less cold resistant and needs more sun to grow. They need high quality of soil and lawn; they can’t grow in rough temperature and rough soil condition. High maintenance is also required for their perfect growth.


Amazoy is a medium grass of zoysia with deep green color and very easy to grow. They required low maintenance and are very strong to resist rough condition of the soil. They are highly resistant to cold but can damage in extreme winter season.


Meyer zoysia grass is a medium size with dark green colored grass. It was first introduced in 1951. It has a medium texture and has high resisting capability more than other types of zoysia grass.


Diamond is a type of zoysia grass which was released in 1996 by A&M University, Texas. It can tolerate shades and cold. This form of zoysia grass is highly open to risks like worms and other pesticides.


It was first introduced in 2001; it has deep green leaves with a very fine texture. It has good capability to resist shade as well as other rough climatic conditions. They are less susceptible to worms and brown patches.