Types Of Zippers

Zipper is a commonly used non-technical machine which helps to bind the edges mostly in fabrics. It can be used in clothing, leather good, luggage, camping equipment and in sporting goods. The zipper consists of two rows of teeth and ten to hundred special shaped teeth linking these two rows. The slider which is operated by hand moves along the rows of teeth. There are many types of zippers which are used according to need of material. Different types of zippers are used in different garments and leather products. In some garments, the zipper is fully closed while other is closed from side of the row.

Due to different types of zippers this zipper can be used in various purposes. It can be used to increase or decrease the passage of a certain part or object (e.g. trousers or pocket zips). It can be used to join or open certain garments (e.g. jackets zip, shirt center or side zips, bags/purses). It is also used to detach some part from garment or other material (e.g. hood and coat, trousers and shorts). It is also used in many decorative items (e.g. wall hangings, lamps, decorative boxes).

Zippers seems to be very small, inexpensive and doesn’t perceive as important product, but little failure in its operation can make the garments useless, until it isn’t got repaired you can’t use the garment product. Among the many types of zippers, some of them have been discussed further.

Coil zipper

Coil zipper is among the very common types of zippers which are available worldwide. In this zipper, the coil is formed on both side, and the slider runs from the middle of both coils. Two types of coils have been used in this form of zipper; spiral form coil and ladder form coil. Spiral coil has coil in a circle and the slider run in a circular way while ladder coil has coil straight from top to bottom and the slider runs in the similar way.

Invisible zipper

Invisible zippers are very interesting types of zippers. They are created in a way that they can’t be seen easily, it has been made with the matching of garment and the coil is present behind the tape. Slider has also been formed behind the tape so it won’t be visible to others. This type of zippers has been used mostly in skirts. Invisible zipper has a faster operating system than other types of zippers.

Plastic zipper

Plastic zippers are made up of plastic; there is coil in such types of zippers. The teeth are made up of plastic and polythene. One of the unique characteristic of this type of zipper is it is available in every color and can be used in any garment with its matching.

Metallic zipper

Same as plastic zippers but with little difference in manufacturing. It is made up of metal or any metallic product. It is nowadays very common in jeans. The teeth of zipper are made up of metal, aluminum, brass or nickel. Teeth are made up of metal wires which lead directly into the tape.