Types Of Yugioh Decks

The game Yu-Gi-Oh is very popular with the kids, and I bet that they know all the types of Yu-Gi-Oh decks by heart. For the benefit of the doubt, and all those who are wondering about what on earth is Yu-Gi-Oh; Yu-Gi-Oh is a card game, just like Pokemon, and just like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh gained a lot of fans and followers, but nothing really beats the legacy that Pokemon made. Anyway, instead of animals with weird names, Yu-Gi-Oh has characters on their cards that vary from dragons to animals and even mutated humans, like the Harpy Lady.

There are about a hundred and seventy two types of Yu-Gi-Oh decks. Yes, 172 different types of Yu-Gi-Oh decks. It will definitely be a lot of work if I will mention all of those types of Yu-Gi-Oh decks, so I will just mention about 10 out of the 172 known types of Yu-Gi-Oh decks.

So the first type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck I will discuss is the Aggro deck. This type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck often describes any deck that was constructed using fast-paced and aggressive strategies and tactics. The Aggro deck is usually a Beatdown deck that was modified and was combined with elements from a Control deck to successfully eliminate and defeat the opponent’s deck. The term Aggro is a shortened word of aggression.

The next deck type is the Chaos Dragon type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck. This type of deck uses Chaos monsters to do the battling and defeating, with the special help of ‘Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.’ The main focus of this particular type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck is to bring out ‘Lightpulsar Dragon’ and ‘Chaos Sorceror.’

Disaster Dragon is the third type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck we will discuss. This is a subtype of the Aggro deck which is characterized by the disruption strategies that are often combined with lockdown and aggression. This type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck can also drop or use more than two monsters per turn.

The fourth type is called Jackal Lockdown. Jackal Lockdown is a type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck that can be considered as old, yet still famous and effective. This deck is created by successfully emptying and disarming the opponent and destroying one of their monsters with the use of the ‘Mystical Knight of Jackal.’ The destroyed monster will then be returned to the top of the opponent’s type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck and has to be drawn on the next turn.

The fifth type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck will be the Machine Gadget deck. This deck focuses on the power and advantage the ‘Gadget’ monsters give thus summoning the ‘Machina Fortress.’ The aim of this type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck is to simplify and win the duel by the advantage that the Gadget monsters constantly provide.

Another type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck is the Nightmare Archfiends. The Nightmare Archfiends deck requires you to activate a trap monster in an opponent’s turn and then successfully summon the three Nightmare Archfiend tokens.

The seventh type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck is called the Pharaoh Cards which aims to center around the effect that the ‘First Sarchopagus’ provides to summon the ‘Spirit of the Pharaoh’ and whose effect was originally be applied to ‘Pharaonic Protector’ and ‘Pharaoh’s Servant.’

Return deck is a type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck that utilizes the effects provided by various banished monsters. This tactic is aimed to swarm the opponent’s attention and focus during the mid-late duel. This type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck is successful for meeting its focus and goal which is to end the duel when the banished monsters are returned to their respective fields and places.

The ninth type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck is called the Vayusworn. Vayusworn focuses on using the so-called ‘Lightsworn’ monsters such as, ‘Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor’; another monster is called, ‘Blackwing – Sirocco the Dragon’ and the last of the Blackwings, ‘Blackwing – Elphin the Raven.’

The last of the many types of Yu-Gi-Oh decks I will discuss is commonly known as the Zombie Deck. Zombie type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck has two goals and aims, one of them is to swarm the opponent’s game field with zombies aroused from the ‘Graveyard’ – this purpose is the most popular one. Another purpose of this type of Yu-Gi-Oh deck is to effectively mile the decks of your opponent. Some common cards used for this deck are ‘Goblin Zombie’, ‘Kasha’, ‘II Blud’, ‘Zombie Master’, and lastly, ‘Mezuki.’

Those are some of the known 172 types of Yu-Gi-Oh decks. If you want to know more about these decks, go to yugioh.wikia.com, and you’ll have all the information you want about these types of Yu-Gi-Oh decks, the cards of Yu-Gi-Oh and the game itself.