Types Of Yellow

When you decided to paint a wall in your house yellow, you thought it would be easy; but when you went to the paint store, it proved to be an impossible task because you had to choose out of numerous types of yellow. Do you want it to be a bright yellow, or a rather dark yellow? Will you be using it in your bedroom or do you want to make your living-room look more classy?

The truth is that depending on the hue and the saturation of the color, as well as its brightness, you will end up with different types of yellow. You can also add to those types by mixing yellow with another soft and bright color so that you come up with alternative shades of yellow. For matters of convenience, let us classify those shades into four basic types of yellow: the classic canary yellow, which is bright and intense; the sun’s yellow, which is yellowish with a shade of orange; golden yellow, which is darker; and faded yellow. Now, try to imagine your wall with any of those colors.

If you are thinking of painting your bedroom mainly with a dark shade of yellow or green paint, you could consider painting one wall with bright yellow paint so that you create an antithesis. Painting, however, all your bedroom walls with canary yellow, will soon create a sense of discomfort to you. In general, painting your bedroom exclusively with bright colors will simply prove to be very irritating, instead of relaxing, which is particularly disturbing considering that you sleep in this room. As for your living room, I would say that painting even the smallest surface with bright yellow paint, is not an option at all! Nevertheless, you could consider applying it to your kitchen. Other bright types of yellow include but are not limited to: electric yellow, lemon yellow, banana yellow, cadmium yellow and aureolin (which is both very bright and very saturated as a color).

Darker types of yellow, like golden yellow, can be more easily used for your bedroom and especially for the living-room. They are more soothing and relaxing and they are not too vivid for your eyes, even if you paint the whole room (and not just one wall). Besides golden yellow, other types of yellow in this category are: mikado yellow, usc gold, saffron, goldenrod, jonquil, Indian yellow and dark goldenrod.

The additional advantage of these shades is that they will give your living room a sense of classiness (if you are going for that). In any case, you do not have to stick to one color only, and try several combinations. For example, paint two walls that form a corner with a dark yellow, and then paint the walls adjacent to them with a soft yellow. Such soft types of yellow can be: arylide yellow, jasmine yellow, pastel yellow, and naples yellow. Alternatively, you can opt for two colors and use them every other wall. If you liked the idea of blending together different types of yellow colors in your living room and you want to apply it to your kitchen or your bedroom also, you can try using green yellow or one of its variations. Lime-yellow and bitter lemon yellow are lighter version of a green-yellow mixture, while olive yellow and bronze yellow are darker ones. The choice is up to you.