Types Of Yard Trees

To beautify the scenic environment of your house there are many types of yard trees that you can plant. A yard is an area around your house mainly adjacent to the building or house you own. The yard may be an open area or an enclosed one depending on your personal wants and interests. It more or less means a garden where you can plant trees and plants of your choice and take care of them. It is the place where you can grow decorative plants and beautify the environment on your own. There are many types of yard trees which you can plant and grow:

* Red Maple tree- This tree is said to bring colour to your yard all around the year. The scientific name for red maple is Acer Rubrum. Its green stems turns red in winters giving you the best scenic beauty and environment. Among the various types of yard trees red maple stands first, if you are trying to create your own yard. Its main characteristic is that it grows faster than other yard trees and can tolerate many types of soil. Demand for this tree is extremely high.

* Tulip Tree- Liriodendron (scientific name for tulip tree) is famous for its big flowers. Tulip tree sometime also refers to yellow poplar. These trees are most commonly recognised by the kind of leaves they carry. Tulip tree or yellow poplar is known for its large size, in turn, giving a proper shade for your yard. It is best to grow this tree in deep, well drained and rich soil. Planting this tree in your yard would be perfectly well as it is loaded with flowers.

* American Elm- It is a beautiful tree to plant in your garden or yard. It is the most popular type of urban shade tree. Plants are the best decoratives if looked after properly. This tree also serves the same purpose. Tree and plant lovers should know that this tree has to be looked after properly as it is vulnerable to Dutch elm disease.

* Red Bud- This tree is known to be a small one and is a state tree of Oklahoma. It blooms in spring with leafless branches and flowers that are pink in colour. This tree is one of those types of yard trees which come in the decorative category of trees. This tree blooms early without leaves but soon after, flowers and fresh green leaves come up and spread throughout like a green and lively shade. This tree is known to be a great success as a yard tree and is also in great demand.

* Conifers- If you are willing to plant conifers in your yard, you have made a good choice. These trees are known for their beauty and smell. Conifers are woody trees which have a cone shaped structure. There are forests that are loaded with these trees but these types of yard tress are great even for small houses and bungalows.