Types Of Yachts

Yacht is a Dutch originated term meaning hunt, initially it was used by Dutch navy to search for pirates and other evildoer in the shallow water, but later it becomes a recreational mean to travel the world in sea. Nowadays it has been used as leisure purpose along with steam boats and power boats. There are different types of yachts which are classified on the basis of size and purposes. Generally the size of yacht ranges from 35 feet to hundreds of feet depending upon the purpose of ship. For an ordinary person, all the yachts may seem same, but a knowledgeable person will know the difference clearly. Every type of yacht differs from each other in its performance, usage, size and purpose. Yacht is not a cheap hobby to adopt, owning a yacht is very expensive and for some people need a lifetime to afford it.

These are several different types of yachts available nowadays which serves the purpose of recreation and luxury. Some of those types of yachts have been discussed further in this article.

Day sailing yachts

These types of yachts are used for daily basis for some hours. They are very small compared to other types of yachts. They range less than 20 feet. These boats don’t have any cabins just 3 step boards used by few people at a time. This boat can’t be used for overnight purposes; it has been used for purposes like fishing or enjoying sea ride for few hours.

Weekender yachts

These types of yachts are also smaller in size but not as small as day sailing yachts. The size of weekender yachts ranges till 30 feet. It has one cabin but can adjust only 2 to 3 people in it. It can be used to travel to places or explore the sea for 2-3 days. It also consists of small kitchen area and a store to keep necessary things for 2-3 days. This yacht has twin keels which helps the boat to stay up in the water even in the tide.

Racing yachts

These types of yachts are best for adventure and sports lovers. This is specially designed for the people who love to take risks and want to explore their life with the thrill. In racing yacht the comfort level is very low, no extra luxury and cabin to relax. It just has a basic cabin and speedy engine to compete in the sea. There can be 15 people at a time in racing yachts. The yacht has been designed in a way that it is light weighted, so that run faster in the sea and reduced wetted surface.

Luxury yachts

Luxury yachts as the name suggest has every kind of luxury and pleasure in it, name it and you have it in this type of yacht. It can also be known as entertainment in the sea. It is like a personal home consists of large cabins, double story births, TV, beer bar, shower room, dining area, large storage, kitchen, saloon and fully air-conditioned drive in a sea. It can easily accommodate 50-60 people at a time, and the size is as large as 80 feet. You can easily spend many days in a sea in it, but it has little less speed to give long pleasure and entertainment in the sea.

Cruiser yachts

These types of yachts are high in speed and also comfort. It is best for those you want adventure as well as can’t compromise on comfort. It has been designed in a way that it gives every pleasure to people with high speed adventure. It can be used for cruising and water sports. The size ranges from 25 to 45 feet.