Types Of Writing Tattoos

All tattoos are unique, but this is not to say that they do not share common design elements and the same is true for different types of writing tattoos. There is a whole range of traditional typestyles as well as unconventional ones that you can choose from for your next tattoo. When choosing from the different types of writing tattoos, pay equal attention to typefaces because they determine the unique appearance of the tattoo as much as it is determined by its size and color. Different fonts can be combined with different tattoo drawings to create unique types of writing tattoos.

Every font carries its own emotional appeal and hence it is important to choose the font while keeping in mind what kind of text you want to be inked on your skin and where.

Given below are some of the popular types of writing tattoos so that when you go to a tattoo parlor, you ask the tattoo artist for the font by its name.

Script Fonts

Script typefaces give a really personalized touch to your tattoo and communicate your message passionately making your text speak its meaning. Fonts for instances, the ITC Christoph’s Quill and ITC Edwardian add a formal touch to all types of remembrance tattoos. Other fonts like Forte, Harlow and Fling carry their own special nostalgic emotion that enhances the message.

Celtic Fonts

From the late Roman Empire to the Middle Ages, Uncial letters were popularly used in manuscripts and their calligraphic heritage is still alive. Fonts such as the ITC Frances Uncial, ITC Forkbeard, Iona, Sweene, and ITC Koriga designs are used in different types of writing tattoos to reflect the essence of Roman Empire, however with a modern twist.


These fonts are quite similar to the classic medieval fonts of lettering and are also called ‘gothic’ for their distinct dark aura. The most popular of theblackletter fontsis Old English. Other common types areGothique, FetteFraktur, Linotype Gotharda and Linotype Textur designs.

Graffiti fonts

These types of writing tattoos carry the ‘street’ smart spirit, giving theperfect street look. Available in as many fonts as you may find in a graffitiwall writing, the most popular fonts are ITC Neo Neo, Owned, Southbee, ITC Airstream and Angryhog.

Unusual fonts

These are the fonts that few would have the boldness to try. So if you want yourself to stand out and have what it takes to try something out of the box, try Arriba, Amelia, ITC Gramophone, Retro, Smack and La Bamba.These types of writing tattoos will ensure that your ink always gets noticed.

Swash and Alternate characters

Swash characters have an extended stroke or flourish at the beginning or end of a character. All types ofwriting tattoos that use swash characters have a special grace, elegance and appeal visual focus. However, these characters should be used sparingly. For example, they may be used with other fonts. All letters must never be written this way or it becomes illegible and ugly. Also, its use should be avoided in all-caps designs.