Types Of Woodpeckers

If you love birds, then you already know the types of woodpeckers. But if you are not that aware, there are many different types of woodpeckers around you. Get to know them one by one and be amazed with how different and similar they are at the same time.

The most common types of woodpeckers are the golden fronted woodpeckers. They are woodpeckers that have gold feathers, as their name implies. However, they are often mistaken for red bellied types of woodpeckers. This is because they have the same exact appearance. The main difference between the two is that the later has red feathers rather than gold. The red bellied woodpeckers are known to have the best hearing abilities. Even when their prey, the insects, are under the bark of the tree they can hear them and they can accurately peck a hole where they are to catch them.

The acorn types of woodpeckers are the woodpeckers that eat acorns. They are the types of woodpeckers that are known to breed in groups. Most other types of woodpeckers are known to be monogamous, not these ones. Aside from acorns, these types of woodpeckers are also known to eat insects and sap like the other kinds of woodpeckers.

The Arizona types of woodpeckers and Strickland types of woodpeckers look the same. They were once actually considered subspecies of the other. They are known for their brown color and spots on the front area of their body. Woodpeckers are known to drill their own nest. If the tree that they are eyeing on does not have a cavity where they can stay, then they find a way to build one themselves. This is why the nests of these woodpeckers are often lined with wood chips as they come from the process of drilling the hole.

The Pileated woodpeckers are known to be the best tunneling birds that exist. They are known to be very hard working too and they are mostly seen hanging by the sides of trees. The pileated woodpeckers are known to have yellow chest feathers and red colored heads. If you want to tell the male ones from the females, just look at the head markings – the more prominent ones are seen in males.

The Hispaniola woodpeckers are the smallest woodpeckers that exist. They can only grow up to 3.25 inches and the largest of them was able to grow 23 inches and are often seen in the Southern Asia region. There are many different species under the Hispaniola variety. There are some that are ivory billed. These woodpeckers are known to live in the cavity of trees. This is where they get food as well as they normally feed on wood sap as well as insects that come by the tree.

The green barred woodpeckers are known for their sticky tongues. They use this to attach ants and lick tree sap too. This family of woodpeckers is known to have straight bills that they use for collecting and eating berries and nuts.