Types Of Wood Varnish

What are the types of wood varnish and their uses?

The term ‘types of wood varnish’ is used for any product that is used to give wood its finish but the original chemical composition of varnish is sometimes not found in modern types of varnishes. You can’t even call them varnish from a chemical point of view but that doesn’t mean these products can’t give an excellent finish for your wood.

Simply put, we are discussing various products used to give wood its finish and some of them are not essentially types of wood varnish:

If you want to strictly know about the types of wood varnish, you have 3 options. They are shellac, wiping varnish and flat vanish.


Shellac is one of the most popular types of wood varnish because it is easy to use and very safe once dried. The single most advantage of shellac that also made these types of wood varnish very popular in home furnishing is the protection it offers to your wooden furniture. It adds a protective coat to your wood along with adding an amber color treatment to your wood.

* The most important thing about these types of wood varnish is that they can get damaged from heat.

* Chemicals also cause reaction.

The best place to use shellac is a place where a lot of action is not happening. The second advantage of shellac is that you can use it on non-wooden surfaces too.

Rubbing/Wiping Varnish

* As the name suggests, they are applied first and then dull it by rubbing.

* The dull finish is used to keep the wood clean yet shiny.

Flat Varnish

* Flat varnish is used to achieve a non-gloss finish without rubbing varnish.

* Special preparation is required to get the desired results from this type of varnish.


Polyurethane is not essentially something that you would add to the list of types of wood varnish but this liquid plastic unit can give you excellent finish on a wide range of surfaces.

* There is water based and oil based polyurethane.

* Water based polyurethane do not hold up on chemical surfaces or heat.

Oil based polyurethane is a more efficient solution or most of your problems. This is why oil based polyurethane is used on kitchen tables. However, they are still not resistant to heat. If you want to choose polyurethane based varnish that doesn’t take a lot of effort to apply, the best choice for you is a spraying solution.

Lacquer also does not qualify for a list on the types of wood varnish but they are also highly efficient in giving great finish to wood and is used heavily in many Asian cultures. The best thing about this chemical compound is the durability and high resistance to many damages. The only problem with lacquer is its prominent colors that can get scratched.

These are the types of wood varnish that you need to know before starting a varnish job on your wooden furniture.

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