Types Of Wood Stoves

From the olden times, people have been using any of the many types of wood stoves. You see, wood stoves are defined as the appliance in our homes that allows us to cook. With the many innovations as time goes by, more and more types of wood stoves appeared. Of course they are getting improved too. This is why you must be able to identify these wood stoves so as to be able to choose the one that you will be able to benefit from the most.

Among the many types of wood stoves, it is said that the Franklin Stove is the most efficient. This one is well known until now because it was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1741. It is known to have a hallow baffle. It is said to be very efficient because it is made to produce not a lot of smoke but a high level of heat. Other names for these types of wood stoves are Pennsylvania fireplace and circulating stove.

Chimeneas are types of wood stoves too. They are known as front loading types of wood stoves – originally. But with the many innovations that have been implemented on these, they are now known to be made of clay. They are not used as stoves anymore too as they are now just used as fireplaces or heaters. The smoke that they produce are known to be vented out via a chimney or other vertical vents.

There are types of wood stoves that can be considered as hybrid. This is because of the fact that the wood burning fireplaces are then able to be used as wood burning stoves when fireplace inserts are installed in them. They are basically inserts that will not require too much wood for people to be able to cook in there. This way, less smoke will be produced and more efficiency will be seen at the same time.

Masonry heaters are also sometimes types of wood stoves as well. They are mostly made to be used as a heater. They can be made out of ceramic tiles too. Yes, they are made out of ceramic tiles but using wood, they are still considered to be wood stoves. They work by using radiant heat. This is the process of getting heat by periodic fuel burning.

There are multi fuel types of wood stoves too. These are the wood stoves most commonly seen in the United Kingdom, Europe and Ireland. They are known to use solid fuels. This only means that they use peats, coal, wood pellets and wood. They can be made of either cast iron or steel. There are some that come as boiler stoves as well as they have a water tank attachment that will provide the hot water that will run around the house to heat it. They are called multi fuel stoves because of a reason, of course. They can switch from using the solid fuels to gas ones. These are newly manufactured ones and were known to be born just recently.