Types Of Wood Sheets

Wood sheets are the plane sheets made of various wood products and are used in furnishing and for other such requirements. Wood sheets are often used as substitute for original wood and is very cheap because they are mostly made of wood waste from various sources.


These are the types of wood sheets that are made by gluing together the plies of veneer that are cut at the right angles. The number of plies in these types of wood sheets can vary and the strength of the sheet increases as the number of plies increase.


Hard wood plywood are the types of wood sheets that are made for using for the interior works of the houses such as making of cabinets, shelves, doors, furniture etc. Hard plywood sheets contain cores made of either particleboard or fiberboard and are both the front and back veneers of these sheets are graded. Hard wood plywood are quite durable and are usually made from oak, maple or birch.


These are the types of wood sheets that are mainly used for exterior works due to its high strength and durability. The primary uses of these types of wood sheets include structural applications such as flooring, roofing etc. and unsanded soft wood plywood is mainly used for this. Sanded soft wood plywood are also available and these types of wood sheets are mainly used for concrete frame works and non-structural applications. Common types of wood used for manufacturing these types of wood sheets are pine and fir.


Particleboards are the type of wood sheets made from tiny shredded chips of wood combined together by adhesives that undergo processing. Usually saw dust is used for the manufacture of particleboard and these are made into panels by heating under pressure. These types of wood sheets are used mainly for doing floor underlay and to laminate counter tops and doors. Particleboards are preferred over plywood for underlayment since particleboard has a core that has no voids in it and hence dents won’t appear in future. Its smoothness and stability makes it a preferred choice for countertop lamination materials.


Medium density fiberboards are manufactured from wood wastes such as recycled wood fiber. These sheets made by engineering the recycled wood fiber cost only a fraction of price of the solid wood and is as reliable and strong as the solid wood.


Hardboards are the types of wood sheets that are made of wood fibers and softwood pulp and are similar to medium density fiber wood. The main difference between medium density fiber wood and hard board is that the density of both are different and also the additives used in the manufacture process are also different apart from the wood fiber.


Oriented strand boards are made of wood strands and waterproof adhesives. These sheets are strengthened by the cross oriented structure of the wood strands and the performance properties are very much similar to that of plywood.