Types Of Wood Paint

Color plays the crucial role in any kind of home renovation or renewal. There can be several types of wood paint depending on the shine and color. Several confusions occur when an individual sees the list or row of paints. Most of the hardware stores offer this type of list when they are asked for the wood paint. Paint is used for protecting the wood. Paint makes the wood long-lasting and simple for cleaning. Besides, it is also necessary to select a good quality paint that can look classy and beautiful. A wrong decision into the selection of paint can take money as well as time. Thus, one must study different types of wood paint before purchasing one suitable form of paint.

All types of paints consist of following ingredients:

1) Pigment i.e. the color

2) Solvent i.e. the fluid that provides extra protection

3) Binder

4) Additives

Depending on the quantity of aforesaid ingredients there can be six major types of wood paint.

Primer wood paint:

Surface fleece sticks to the base which is provided by the primer. It improves the bonding of wood by offering complex seals inside the wood. One can find several self-priming paints but it is necessary to select wood primer to obtain better finishing. One should select the color that matches to the topcoat.

Latex wood paint:

It is also called as acrylic. All kinds of wood surfaces get matched with this type of wood paint. Tough finishing can be obtained by using the latex. The highest level of moisture evaporation gets to see in case of this wood paint. Water is used as the solvent in case of latex. Thus, it becomes easy to clean the surface on which latex paint is applied. A large variety of polishing is available into this wood paint. One can select eggshell, flat, gloss, o semi-gloss like sheens.

Oil-based wood paint:

It is also called as alkyd wood paint. Wood surface that requires highest level of protection make use of this type of wood paint. All kinds of flaps, baseboard, and floors get suited with this type of paint.

Low VOC wood paint:

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. Alkyd consists of large amounts of VOC. These VOCs are the chemically prepared compounds that undergo several chemical reactions when contacted with the air. One can identify this wood paint by looking at the green mark that signifies that the wood paint is free from chemical compounds.

Traditional paint:

These types of wood paint are considered as eco-friendly colors. People who are looking for the authentic finishing should select this type of paint. These paints are made up of natural materials that never produce any harm to the environment.

Decorative paint:

These types of wood paint are meant for the smaller surfaces of wood. These are the perfect choice for applying on the wooden fixtures. These paints should be applied on the wooden material that is small. One can easily create several innovative designs using this wood paint.