Types Of Wood Machines

There are different types of woodworking machines and they all work in similar fashions. Bit, blade, or spinning knife either cu woods into parts or remove pieces of woods from the surface of another wood. The following are the different types of wood machines:


They are made of knives, infeed table and outfeed table. The infeed table’s height determines the amount of wood that can be removed from the board when it passes over the spinning knives. A jointer can be used in two distinct ways: to flatten and straighten the edge of a wood, and to flatten the base of the board to allow for easy passage through the planner.


These types of wood machines are used specifically to flatten the top of boards and reduce them to specific dimensions. They can be used on panels or rough lumbers. Planners come in different models and sizes that are used for planning different sizes of woods.


These types of wood machines are used in the same way as planers and jointers but are not meant to flatten woods but to cut them into specific shapes. They are made up of spinning heads with different shaped cutters attached to the head. They are primarily used for making accents for furniture, millwork, baseboards, and crown moldings.

Table Saws

These are the most common types of wood machines used in wood shops. A table saw is basically used to crosscut and rip woods apart.

Woodworking is a very common hobby and career for people across different races and regions. There is a wide range of woodworking tools available for people to use for different woodworking needs. Most of the tools perform similar functions and are used in similar manners.

There are different types of saws that are used depending on the type of woodworking project that is carried out. There are small saws used in cutting small pieces of woods. Circular and handheld saws are the most common types of saws used both for commercial and domestic purposes. But the large table saws are used in cutting large boards and woods.


One of the most common handheld types of wood machines is the chisel. They are available in a wide range of sizes. The main function of the chisel is to carve timbers into shapes that would not be possible with saw. But they should be frequently sharpened so they will remain crisp and sharp.

Below is a long list of the different types of wood machines (both handheld and stationary)

* Miter saw

* Jig saw

* Hand-held circular saw

* Electric drill

* Domino jointer

* Chain saw

* Biscuit joiner

* Wood lathe

* Thickness planer

* Tenoning machine

* Table saw

* Stationary sanders

* Spindle moulder (Wood shaper)

* Scroll saw

* Router

* Round pole sanding machine

* Round pole milling machine

* Rotary tool

* Reciprocating saw

* Radial arm saw

* Pin router

* Panel saw

* Nail gun

* Mortiser

* Jointer

* Hand-held sander

* Hand-held electric plane

* Four sided planer or timber sizer

* Drum sander

* Drill press

* Double side planer

* Combination machine

* Bench grinder

* Bandsaw