Types Of Wood Laminate

Wood laminate is used in order to laminate floors and there are various types of wood laminate. These are way more affordable and allow you to give your house that classic wood look and feel without you having to spend much. They are so much easier to install than the real thing and look like the real thing too. Besides this, there are two types of wood laminate- man-made and natural and while both have their advantages and disadvantages, both of them are used by users depending upon their taste and interest. Also, users who have their own houses and have not rented them tend to go for the natural kind.

Where real wood is concerned, these types of wood laminate basically involve the use of a layer of wood such as oak or maple which is applied to plywood bases for strength. These types of wood laminate are quite inexpensive because of the fact that the top most layer is the only one that is made of real wood. However, it is costlier than man-made wood seeing as how the grain and color is much better when compared to man-made wood and since a portion of high-end wood is used.

Having said that, man-made wood, though cheaper, are still costly though not costlier than real wood. This is because they are much more resistant to stains, burns and spills and because of the way they are manufactured. In addition to this the flooring can be given different looks by manufacturing these in different ways. The grains can be made to look and feel a particular way too and the texture of the wood can basically be manipulated to make it look a certain way. Plus these types of wood laminate are also considered to be more environmentally friendly seeing as how a small portion of it is actually real wood.

Hardwood is another of the various types of wood laminate which, regardless of whether it is real or manmade, is better and it is considered to be the best of all types of wood laminate though there are some cons to using these. In some cases the top layer of the laminate is made of hardwood and the problem with these types of wood laminate is that, despite the fact that they look better than the other two, they tend to be less durable and really do not last too long either.

At the end of the day, which of the various types of wood laminate you choose to go for, depends upon you. If your motive is to get a floor that looks nice and is temporary, hardwood would be a good choice though you’d have to pay more. If you want something that is more affordable and that can be made to look better, you could go for man-made wood laminate instead and if your purpose is to go for aesthetics, then, real wood would be better. None of these are very cheap but they are still more affordable than the real flooring.