Types Of Wedding Flowers

Learn about types of wedding flowers. Have you ever dream of you walking through path full of roses? That amazing feeling of walking on a bed of flowers with your better half is mesmerizing. Wedding days can be said as the most unforgettable days of anyone’s life and it should be celebrated with a bang. Planning your wedding is one of the most beautiful feelings in a world, choosing wedding theme, outfits, decorations and flowers. With this amazing feeling it is also one of the most difficult tasks to do.

If you have to choose flower arrangement for your wedding what kind of flower will you choose? It will be on the basis of its color, its fragrance or its beauty? There are different types of wedding flowers depending upon certain factors. Here are some of the types of wedding flowers which will help you to make your wedding day memorable.

The Roses:

Rose is considered as one of the most beautiful flower among all. It is perfect for the wedding decor as it is reflected as symbol of love, emotions and passion. Poets and writers use this type of flower to promote their romance in their poetry. It is bright and vibrant in color and doesn’t portray boring nature. The roses have luxuries fragrance and scents. There are different types of wedding roses which will look beautiful in your wedding which are tea rose, spray rose and garden red roses.

The Lily:

Lily with a steam will look stunning on your wedding. It is also known as ladder to heaven. It has mesmerizing scent, available mostly in spring season. It is among very expensive types of wedding flowers. Mostly people know this type of wedding flower in white color but it is available in many other colors too.

The Tulip:

Tulip can be a better choice for wedding as it represents happy years and love. This is among those types of wedding flowers which are available in many colors including red, purple and magenta. This type of flower is very affordable and it enhances the wedding decor. It can be used for table decoration, bouquet and stage settings.


This is among those types of wedding flowers which changes its shades of pink, green, blue and purple. It is very affordable flower type which helps in the wedding decoration and wedding garlands. It doesn’t have any special fragrance, it is usually considered as scentless.


Daisies are considered as one of the cutest flower in the world. It’s beautiful, sweet and simple in nature. It will fit best in your wedding to make it more memorable, its yellow and white color make the wedding decor looks more attractive. It is also inexpensive and affordable to fit-In your wedding.


Orchids are very classic choice for wedding; it will give you a very traditional look to your wedding. It will look good on stage decoration as well as bridal bouquets and also fits perfect in table decoration. Orchids symbolized love, affection and wealth.

All above discussed types of wedding flowers have their own uniqueness and appeal. And it’s up to any ones taste and liking that among all these several types of wedding flowers which he/she chooses in the wedding.